RE2 Remake: Comically Expensive Japanese Edition Comes With Keyboard

Uh… who exactly is this for?

Resident Evil is no stranger to bizarrely overpriced collector’s items, from the $1,000 “Jacket” edition of RE6, to the officially licensed Ducati XDiavel for Vendetta. Well, that tradition continues with RE2 Remake, which is getting a $700 officially licensed Bluetooth typewriter style keyboard (with a slot for a tablet), which can also be purchased in tandem with the collector’s edition of the game for a whopping $900. It’s only available in Japan for the moment, but I do have to admit it’s pretty cool looking (it even has a gimmick where you can twist the knob on the side to adjust volume/page up or down). It also comes with a set of RE themed masking tape, which come packaged as ink ribbons (these I’d actually like to pick up, but they’re only for E-Capcom members who preorder).


Now, as cool (albeit ridiculously expensive) as this all is… there’s a pretty major catch that fans noticed. So the RE2 keyboard, which has some additional branding on it (namely an Umbrella logo in the corner, and a Lexington logo above the keys, the in-universe brand) is actually just a Qwerkywriter S Typewriter brand Wired & Wireless Keyboard. Which is only 250$ on Amazon. It really isn’t a great look when the only difference that a nearly $500 price hike has to show for itself are arguably just… stickers on an already existing keyboard. At least the unbranded version seems to have pretty good reviews.

This goofy thing aside, RE2 Remake at least still looks fantastic, and we can all continue to probably not buy this like nobody bought the jacket or bike before. Although, hey if you buy this keyboard, let us know. We’d love to know… why?


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