Folklore-Inspired Ergastulum is Amnesia Meets Dark Souls


Dungeon Nightmares creator K Monkey (whom previously worked at PlayStation) returns with a of blend Western and Asian folklore, for a new psychological horror game that’s one part Amnesia and another part Dark Souls. There’s a bunch of influences at play here with Ergastulum, but stick with me.

Ergastulum casts players into a medieval-esque dungeon world(s) with nothing but a crucifix and light sources to ward off a variety of monsters. Stealth is a major component of gameplay as a result, meaning players need to focus on avoidance and defense using different types of stylish crucifixes. Father Merrin would be jealous. You’ve got creepy crawlies that definitely remind one of Dark Souls. The map is procedurally generated and sanity mechanics affect the player, their surroundings, and enemies. The idea of a first-person Amnesia Souls game sounds pretty interesting, but at this early stage, Ergastulum is tough to judge. The game seems quite mechanic heavy.

Ergastulum is presently on Kickstarter seeking funding to the tune of $79,015 (£60,000). If funded, the game is set for release on Windows PC via Steam sometime next year. A $16 backing will get you the game upon release.

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