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Playdead and RealDoll Are Making Us Uncomfortable INSIDE

Oh, Playdead. First, it was the revelation that their sound designer likes to record his music, then play it back through a skull for the final recording. Novel, if a bit weird, but what else could we expect from the team that gave us LIMBO and INSIDE? Their latest announcement, though, jumps right off into the deep end of uncomfortable. Playdead is teaming up with RealDoll- the top artists behind inanimate sex partners- to create the INSIDE Collector’s Edition.

I’m going to level with everyone here: I cringed at the first three thoughts that went through my head when I read this news. I had never considered a squishy parasite sleeve before, and I still wish that hadn’t ever crossed my mind. Perhaps their next collaboration should be with Clorox when they introduce limited edition brain bleach.

iam8bit is in on this gig, as well, and they’re refusing to give up any details on what’s in the box. All we know for now is that it will cost a cool $375 USD, and will include several mystery items alongside a PS4 disc edition of INSIDE and digital codes for both INSIDE and LIMBO; that’s definitely the part everyone wanted to know. Players who enjoy bringing the risk of real horrors to their life can use their imagination when ordering. Preorders will be taken Thursday, March 8, at 7 am PST through Friday, June 8, at 11:59 pm PST for delivery in early 2019, and are available only within the United States. Contents will be revealed when the boxes ship. As a note, they are ‘unusually heavy’, which is a common feature of RealDoll’s packages. May the odds be in your favor as you play grotesque sex toy roulette.

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