Observer: System Redux Announced for Next-Gen - Rely on Horror

Observer: System Redux Announced for Next-Gen

Observer: System Redux

Bloober Team’s incredible cyberpunk horror game Observer is getting a new lease on life. Today, it has been announced that Observer is headed to next-generation consoles in the form of Observer: System Redux — a remaster with new story content and gameplay mechanics.

Observer: System Redux for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is being referred to as “the definitive vision” of the futuristic horror title. Following the passing of Rutger Hauer, who portrayed the protagonist Dan Lazarski, Bloober Team is also calling the game a tribute to the late actor. New scenes will be added to the game as well as touch up to the game’s graphics, which were already (and still remain) very impressive.

Observer: System Redux¬†is slated for a holiday 2020 release on next-gen consoles. We’ve reached out to Bloober Team’s PR company to confirm whether or not the System Redux¬†content will release on PC as well.

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