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New voiceovers in Silent Hill: HD Collection revealed

Konami has finally revealed some of the new voice work in the Silent Hill: HD Collection. James, Maria/Mary and Eddie have finally spoken.

As expected, many diehard fans are quite upset. The new voiceovers have tarnished all that they love dear. Well, not really. It’s not like the HD Collection walked into our homes and pissed gasoline on our classic copies, and then ignited them.

In my opinion, all of this hatred is very premature. What Konami gave us was an unfinished scene, that had no post effects. It sounded very bare and only contained voiceovers. Not only that, but the scene shown was also iconic. Fans have watched that emotional scene numerous times. For the new voiceovers to be revealed this way, it’s easy to see why fans are upset. I have no doubt that the “shock” from the new voices will dissipate when people start the games and play for hours. Then it won’t feel weird anymore and people will take it for what it is.

James sounds a lot like famous videogame voice actor Nolan North, and Mary/Maria is easily recognizable as Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, the voice director and voice of the series’s soundtracks. Eddie sounds a little raspy, but considering the scene, it makes sense.

I caught up with Tomm Hulett about the Collection, and he let me know that Born From A Wish is part of the Silent Hill 2 HD package. Stay tuned to see if I can gather up any more details.

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