Konami president has asked Hideo Kojima to do the next Silent Hill

During a conference at the Eurogamer expo with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, Kojima announced that the president of Konami contacted him about making a Silent Hill game. Kojima says that he was asked to do the project but would rather supervise than take the lead.

“In the past I’ve mentioned Silent Hill in interviews, and as a result of that the president of Konami rung me up and said he’d like me to make the next Silent Hill,” Kojima said at the conference. Kojima then expresses his unfamiliarity with the genre and how we would prefer to supervise a Silent Hill game, with the FOX engine.

“Honestly, I’m kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror movies, so I’m not confident I can do it. At the same time, there’s a certain type of horror that only people who are scared of can create, so maybe it’s something I can do.

“That said, I think Silent Hill has a certain atmosphere. I think it has to continue, and I’d love to help it continue, and if I can help by supervising or lending the technology of the Fox Engine, then I’d love to participate in that respect.”

This isn’t the first time Kojima has shown interest in the Silent Hill series. But this is the first time that we hear of Konami’s opinion on the matter. If the president of Konami has asked Kojima to do the next Silent Hill, then official talks of having Kojima involved in the next game might be just around the corner.

Seeing as how Kojima has stated numerous times that he wants to help rather than lead a Silent Hill project, it’s hard to know what to expect from this. Will a new developer be put on the job with Kojima supervising the use of the FOX engine? Will Kojima Productions be convinced to develop the game? Or will the FOX engine be given to Team Silence (SH0-Book of Memories) and the developer they choose?

So many questions. So many possibilities.  What would you guys prefer?

[Source, Thanks Silent Hill Heaven]

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