Horror Films hit Steam... Including the first six Leprechauns

Horror Films hit Steam… Including the first six Leprechauns


As part of a deal with Lionsgate, several of the company’s film properties hit Steam last week with many more on the way. Although experimented in the past and often releasing video as a cross-promotion with upcoming games, this is another step in Valve’s attempts to make Steam branch out to more than a games related service. Rentals start at $3.99, in which you can watch it anytime in the next thirty days and once you start, you have 48 hours to view as much as you’d like. All films will be viewable in SteamOS and SteamVR. Plenty of horror films have graced Steam’s library such as The Cabin in the Woods, Hostel, and Cougars Inc.

While this includes obvious hits like the Hunger Games and Saw series, some of the first films to hit Steam were those of the comedy-horror series, Leprechaun, leading to some public confusion about why they’re were on there in the first place. Excluding the newest reboot, this series of films, starring Warwick Davis from Willow and Life’s Too Short, follows the Irish creature of legend murdering scores of people to get his pot of gold. One can rent a bundle of the first four films for half the normal price until May 5th (Editorializing: Don’t).

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