Good Old Games celebrates Halloween too! - Rely on Horror

Good Old Games celebrates Halloween too! (previously Good Old Games, but I’ll be damned before I stop calling it that) is a DRM-free platform where all games have been legally altered to make them pro-consumer. The websites is also renowned for the almost weekly sales, during which you can pick up games for about 2 dollars a piece. This is one of those sales.

To go along with Halloween the folks at GOG have started the “Not Scary Games” sale, which is a Halloween feature deliberately designed to screw me over. As the title suggests, this Halloween sale consists of a number of games that are not scary at all (unless mediocre platformers and point&click adventure games scare you). For a total of $51.84 you can get all 16 games in the package, but you are free to remove any game you want from the list (Superfrog can go screw itself). The more standout games on the list are the first three Rayman games and Worms 2, which is pretty poor compared to what Steam is doing, but it’s not like I have any money left anyway.¬†You can check out the sale Here, but this might be more to your tastes. Better luck next year GOG.


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