God Eater staff is working on new action RPG, Code Vein - Rely on Horror

God Eater staff is working on new action RPG, Code Vein


The latest Famitsu has released details on a new game called Code Vein. Although pitched by Bandai Namco last week in the same vein as a Dark Souls, this title is actually led by much of the development team behind the God Eater series, not FromSoftware.

In a post-apocalyptic future, there exists cursed beings known as Revenants (this includes the player); these vampire-like humans have superpowers, but at the cost of one’s memories and a risk of turning into monsters (known as the “Lost”) if they doesn’t regularly consume blood. Using glowing weapons that suck up blood from the Lost, players can team up with an AI “buddy” to explore a number of different environments and uncover the mystery of the ruined world.

No platforms have officially been confirmed for this Unreal Engine 4 project, but the title is playing on being a worldwide release. A gameplay trailer will be shown in May as development on the title is only 35 percent complete. More images can be found here from a scan of the official reveal.


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