Get More Neverending Nightmares On The Go With iOS Release And Manga Adaptation

2014’s Neverending Nightmares was a surprising, if sometimes repetitive, ode to living with depression. With a unique art style and a simple premise, it quickly became a indie darling, and has since been ported to consoles and the Playstation Vita. Now, it has hit mobile phones with a release on iOS earlier this week.

Aside from the iOS port, Neverending Nightmares has also received a 10-chapter manga adaptation, which you can check out right here.┬áThe art is done by Japanese artist Kata Katoh, who has captures the signature style of the game’s art, and maybe even a little Junji Ito flair as well. You be the judge.

As a relatively small title, it’s great to see Neverending Nightmares continuing to spread its influence to other markets. Hopefully this will serve as a precedent for other independent horror titles to strike out into books, comics, and possibly even film. Horror is a genre that strives on the passion of it’s fans, so I don’t think any of that is out of the question for a beloved independent property.

You can check out our original review of Neverending Nightmares right here.

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