Fantasy Murder-Mystery GRIM – Mystery of Wasules Released on Steam

GRIM - Mystery of Wasules

Tired of your murder-mysteries set in contemporary times? GRIM – Mystery of Wasules takes place in a vibrant fantasy setting. Players wear the fancy shoes of commander Oswald Grim as he explores the fallen Kingdom of Wasules.

Directed by the king of his land, Oswald sets course for unfamiliar territory to uncover what led to the increase in deaths of Wasules. There he uncovers spiritual threats that give pursuit when he enters the Spectral State, ostensibly a plane of existence tied to the overall mystery.

GRIM – Mystery of Wasules states that it does not have combat. The game focuses on telling a story. From the trailer, though, you can glean that this doesn’t mean Oswald isn’t in danger. Whatever is behind the deaths isn’t finished. GRIM – Mystery of Wasules released today on Steam for $9.99. It’s presently on a launch discount of $8.49.


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