Dimfrost Studios Is Bringing Folklore to Life In Vaesen


Folklore has been a source of wonder and inspiration for many over generations, and Dimfrost Studio’s new game Vaesen seeks to bring the creatures of Swedish mythos to life. Vaesen will specialize inĀ its storytelling and atmosphere, a source of passion for the development team. Judging by the screenshots and available gameplay footage, there certainly seems to be a great attention to detail here — something that I think is commendable, especially considering the incredibly small development team.

There is no set release date at the moment. However, Dimfrost plans on showcasing the game at the upcoming Nordic Game Conference taking place May 25th, so you can expect to see more of this game soon. Furthermore, there is a demo planned to be released this summer, and you can sign up for a chance to gain early access through their sign-up page. You can read more on their official website.

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