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See the DayZ standalone in action in this new developer walkthrough


The DayZ development team promised the community that today’s blog update would be a significant one, and they delivered. Today we finally get to feast our eye’s on the DayZ standalone running in real time, complete with a full commentary and walkthrough by the mastermind behind it all, Dean “Rocket” Hall. In the video Dean goes over a number of the improvements made to the game such as the new clothing system and the improved visuals. He also shows off a number of changes to the overworld like the addition of swaps and new islands to explore(let’s hope that makes boats more useful). With the most interesting showcase being the loot spawning mechanic, which will disperse items throughout an environment in interesting ways, the game will reward players that really search every nook and cranny.

Some of the long awaited features are unfortunately not available in this walkthrough. Things like the new server browser and the improved inventory system are humorously blocked out of the video by Dean and company.  It’s understandable that they don’t want to show the server browser though, as that could result in unwanted DDOS attacks. Still we would love to catch a glimpse at that new inventory system or see the reworked zombie AI in action.

In other DayZ related news, there is a pretty handy tool out there that allows people to search Steam for games to be added to the service. Basically, it queries the Steam database for titles that are registered on the service, this includes games that have yet to actually be released as publishers and developers need to register the games they want to release on Steam well in advance. Thus far this tool has been very accurate in predicting what games are going to eventually be available on Steam. Well we’re hoping this tool maintains it’s accuracy as  the DayZ standalone is now appearing in the registry.

It should come as no surprise that DayZ is appearing in the registry now, as the game’s creator Dean Hall said in a previous blog post that the standalone will be using Steam for it’s server browser as opposed to the GameSpy client previously used in Arma II and the mod incarnation of DayZ. It is possibly a sign that the game might be coming sooner than originally anticipated, or at that’s what fans are hoping. At the very least it’s an additional sign that development is moving along smoothly


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