Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation officially unveiled

In what has been the worst kept secret in recent times, Creative Assembly’s new game Alien: Isolation has officially been revealed. The game is has been confirmed to be a first-person survival horror shooter that takes place between the events of the original Alien and the follow up film AliensAlien: Isolation is set to take place exactly 15 years after the events of Alien and you’ll assume control of Amanda Ripley–Ellen Ripley’s daughter who’s only ever been mentioned in a scene from the directors cut of Aliens.

Creative Assembly has apparently been working on this game for 3 years now, and has built their own in house engine just for Alien: IsolationLead Designer Gary Napper had this to say on the project:

“It’s making the game as much like that original experience of being focused on a single alien in a single environment, and not being prepared to shoot it. It’s that really close-up, personal, and connected experience with the Alien. That’s what we’ve always focused on and wanted to do.”

Despite Napper’s comments I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic about this project. The game even being an first person shooter at all doesn’t really sound  like it’ll match the tone of the original Alien film at all, especially with the rumours that most of your combatants are supposed to be human enemies. Though Creative Assembly is a very talented developer, the Total War series is a long standing favorite of mine, when their games are not shipped too early that is. Let’s hope they handle the licence better than Gearbox software did with last years Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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