Bizarre ‘Organ Quarter’ Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

A very startling and bizarre survival horror game by the name of Organ Quarter has hit Kickstarter with a modest goal of $6,500. Reading through the campaign text makes it very clear that the team behind this VR game knows their stuff and are big fans of the genre. But typically neither of these things would really make campaigns stand out. The tale of small devoted team of genre fans going to Kickstarter to¬†simply pay rent while they finish their game is nothing new, but one look at Organ Quarter‘s aesthetics¬†may grab your attention and consider helping them out. It’s weird, man.

With a pre-Alpha demo already on Steam, Organ Quarter has turned heads thanks to its visual and influential mashing of the likes of the works of David Cronenberg and the Silent Hill series. The team references titles such as Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark (1993), Thief II: The Metal Age, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Dead Space as many others in their list of influences as they aim to make not a VR shooter, but a proper survival horror game in VR.

Organ Quarter is set for release (if funded) this July for the HTC Vive with an Oculus Touch version planned some months after. The game is said to utilize room scale to truly immerse the player, so an expensive VR solution is needed for the best experience. A non-VR version is planned as well, though. If you feel like helping these guys finish this interesting looking game, you can back them here.

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