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Banned! Yandere Simulator no longer allowed on Twitch

Yandere Simulator

Just like erotic games such as Criminal Girls, Huniepop, and Rapelay, the relatively comedic and harmless Yandere Simulator is now banned from Twitch, meaning anybody streaming the game will be in violation of the terms of service and susceptible to losing access to their account.

This was announced in the video by the developer below, in which he makes the argument that other games featuring similar elements are not banned and complains that Twitch has made no effort to communicate with him. Yandere Simulator was recently added to our coverage after the same developer explained his vision for the game as a sort of anime Hitman in which you play a psychotic girl bend on stealthily killing her fellow students. While it features comedic and censored nudity, such as being able to photograph panties or in a mode that parodies the hit anime Attack on Titan, that doesn’t seem like enough justification to ban an indie game, especially when keeping in mind how much traffic developers get via having their games played on streaming sites like this.

The developer states he is willing to work with Twitch to alter minor elements that would make the game acceptable by their standards. To be honest, I would be pretty insulted if my creative work was listed among games literally about raping, masturbation, and, worst of all, a David Cage title, but “Yanderedev” seems to be taking it pretty well. We’ll keep you posted on any updates in this case.

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