Resident Evil: Gun Survivor 2 About

Resident Evil: Survivor 2: CODE: Veronica – is perhaps the oddest game of the saga.
Its story line is based around that of CODE: Veronica, but aside from the characters, location and enemies – the game couldn’t be anymore different if it wanted to be. It was Capcom’s first attempted at bringing Resident Evil to the arcades, and early builds were titled: Resident Evil: Fire Zone.

Its structure is more like an arcade game too, with levels instead of a continuous story, and ‘bosses’ at the end of each. Points are awarded for quick completion times, damage taken, which weapons you used.etc.

The game did reasonably well worldwide and was released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan and Europe. The US missed this game as Capcom feared that releasing a light gun game in the wake of shootings in American high schools would be met with criticism.
It’s nonetheless an interesting title, but only really worth owning if you have to have every single Resident Evil available, but as it contains no additions to the overall storyline, and isn’t really all that playable, you wouldn’t be hated giving this one a miss.

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