E3 2015: I played SOMA in a room not well suited to play SOMA, but I liked it

Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games will once again scare gamers and give Youtubers material to scream over come this September. I got my hands on SOMA at this year’s E3, and despite the poor demo conditions for a game such as this, I’m pretty dang impressed. Whereas Frictional’s previous games isolated players in a foreboding environment, SOMA is a tad different as it’s much more dialogue heavy from what I can tell. You’ll even meet some fellow “survivors” along the way.

Frictional’s style comes through in that SOMA‘s gameplay is reminiscent of their previous works, but suited to the game’s under water environment and larger scope. For my impressions on SOMA, check out my impressions video below!

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