Tomm Hulett, Silent Hill producer, leaves Konami

Tomm Hulett, producer behind such Konami titles as Contra 4, Rocket Knight, and the last five Silent Hill games has left Konami. After working over six years with the company, Hulett has moved on to work at WayForward Technologies as a game director. Hulett recently worked with the developer as a producer on the latest Silent Hill game, Silent Hill Book of Memories. After noticing the change on his LinkedIn profile, I asked for confirmation and received it. He did not give me any further details aside from the departure being of his own volition.

Often single-handedly blamed for all of the faults in post-Team Silent developed Silent Hill titles by vehement fans of the series, Hulett no doubt has had a difficult time being the face behind the latter Silent Hill titles–whether he has had complete creative control over them or not. With the most recent entry in the Silent Hill series being a dungeon crawler RPG, negative feedback from fans has been high.

Despite Book of Memories being an enjoyable title, its difference from the survival horror roots of the series has caused it to to receive a lot of backlash. Along with Konami’s botched development of the Silent Hill HD Collection, and the rushed, buggy nature of Silent Hill Downpour, the series has had a bad year. Whether these issues with the past games was cause for Hulett’s departure is unknown; the state of the Silent Hill series is also unknown. Konami’s treatment of the Silent Hill series, and some of their other titles has sparked the interest of many, including myself . With minimal marketing and the release of unfinished games, Konami hasn’t exactly been the model publisher as of late.

After having interviewed Tomm on several occasions and being a fan of most of his Silent Hill titles, this news was a big surprise. He has always come off as an extremely passionate fan of the series, and a lot of the attacks against him from angry fans felt misplaced, as his role as a producer does not grant him control over every facet of the series as many would like to believe. As with any developer whose work I follow, I wish him the best on his future projects. WayForward will no doubt be a much more humble environment for him.

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  • Xander

    I don’t blame him, honestly. With all of the hate for the recent games, and WayForward’s better record with unique, interesting games the temptation must have been high.
    To those who criticized the man for all things Silent Hill, I say this: You reap what you sow. Now Silent Hill is down a producer.

    • Silent Hill fans WANT it to end. There shouldn’t have been any more SH games past 4, and that’s the truth.

      • but i don’t want to be end …… AND YAAAAYEE TOM IS GONE 😀

      • I don’t wait it to end either, I want it to be good again. Downpour was nice, Tomm really tried, we shouldn’t blame him for all the flaws. I wish him luck and success.

      • Sorry, but don’t speak for me or all fans, Anthony. I’m glad I got the chance to play more SH games, whether they were perfect or not.

        • Laud

          Wow, some things just need to end dude.

          There is no one who can do what Team Silent did, no one even tries to understand what they’ve established.

          Some things are better off dead, like Sonic.

          • Laud

            And Final Fantasy.

          • Avianna

            Honestly, I thought the best thing about the games since SH1 – 4 (minus Homecoming) was that they weren’t trying to be SH1-4.

            The mythos behind the Town of Silent Hill and how it functions is so interesting and has so many possiblities, I’d still like to see more from the series. Even if my favorites are the originals.


            That’s the point…all post-team silent games always try to make a new silent hill 2-like experience…and then fails…Shattered for me, was the best in story, but gameplay was really boring…Homecoming has the most impresive monsters…that’s my opinion

          • Avianna

            Nah. I’d argue that Silent Hill Homecoming is the only one that tried to be the original series. All the other games had stories and game play completely different from the original. Minus Origins, which had a story connected, but the layout was different and the game play was different. The only thing similar was the way it looked. Shattered Memories, Downpour, BoM. All were very obviously trying to be thier own types of Silent Hill games.

            And I commend that. If you’re gonna make a Silent Hill game after Team Silent. Its dumb to try and make it like a team you’re not. And that was what the games in Tomm’s time were like. He worked on Origins to now. Came in at the tale of Homecoming and fixed all its mythos so that it wasn’t the crap it was originally supposed to be (an epic DRAGON BALL Z fight between Josh and Heather with horribly bad connections to the original series that made no sense)

          • luigiix

            Completely agree. Newer, less exparienced teams should do their own games and work their own vision instead of just trying to reach the (apparently) impossible standards of older games. That way you can appreciate the game on its own merits instead of comparing it to the classics.

          • I didn’t say that it shouldn’t end. It might be better to than have it wind up in the hands of a non-fan of the series.

            I think that Anthony shouldn’t speak for “fans” and say that no one should have the opportunity to play the newer titles. It’s a selfish and over entitled statement.

        • luigiix

          Well, that’s fine. But remember: Quality > Quantity.

        • I agree with you. I loved all SH games. The latest ones weren’t perfect but they were indeed very enjoyable and it’s good to have more coming.

          If some people don’t enjoy them, they can choose not to buy them. It’s simple. Many others don’t mind the changes and the imperfections.

          Games like SH can be resurrected with good production and development. They’re mostly standalone stories based on a shared mythology and location so any one with a vision like Hideo Kojima can make it perfect so why end it when it has a chance?

      • 4 was the deathknell, it really ruined the series
        I don’t mind more in the series, more Silent Hill is probably a good thing. We have to realize though that without a whole new team it’s pretty much past prime.

        • Lee

          No 4 was just the least scary of the series before it. It by no means ruined the series, I found it pretty damn awesome, 5 killed it for me

    • Nicholas Patrick

      Yeah, how dare gamers dislike a game and tell someone about it or not support something they hate!

    • oooole

      oh god, how can I live with myself now.

      If you have a worthy game with actual narrative to be called a Silent Hill franchise make it, if not… stop slapping the SH name on SAW/Paranormal Activity the videogame wannabes.

  • Tomm, I hope you read this!

    I appreciate what the man tried to do by keeping Silent HIll alive. I can’t help but feel the Konami higher-ups played a large role in the sub-par quality of all the recent SH titles.

    Good luck with your time with WayForward! 🙂

  • Since WayForward has done so already, perhaps he’ll still get to work with the Silent Hill series in a more direct manner. Regardless, I’d say it’s a step up for him, since he (hopefully…) no longer has to deal with the rabid Silent Hill fanbase. If the series continues, he can enjoy it as a fan again, which I think may come as a relief.

    WayForward makes some interesting titles. I look forward to wherever he takes the company.

  • Smiley

    He was very jaded over what he exactly does as a producer. I know he’s been a go to guy for the latest ‘Silent Hill’ buzz and he has an appreciation for some of the fans that have had him on their sites. From being an overseer to writer to handling voice actors the man goes all over the place. Being a director for WayForward seems more his fare than ‘Silent Hill’. And while Konami has not been the best publisher as of late, very few will argue that a series of theirs has had worse treatment than ‘Silent Hill’. If this series is to survive then a new creative force needs to take over. Hideo Kojima expressed interest in Kojima Productions handling the series and using the new FOX engine to work off of. Considering their track record of highly praised good Konami releases I don’t see any reason why they can’t have a go at it.

    • He wants FOX used, not for his team to take on the project. They’re already working on three MGS games.

      • Smiley

        He did express interest over twitter, but not as a director. Even the President of Konami asked him to helm ‘Silent Hill’ which was said well before anyone caught wind that Tomm would be leaving. As for what his team is currently working on the only confirmed games are ‘Project Ogre’ and ‘Ground Zeroes’ which have no release dates set or information other than Kojima directing ‘Zeroes’. Rising is developed by Platinum Games due this February and the suspected ‘Phantom Pain’ if it’s indeed connected may very well tie in to either ‘Ogre’ or ‘Zeroes’ or be the predicted ‘MGS5’ unveiling. Point is that at this time there’s nothing to suggest that ‘Silent Hill’ cannot be developed by them. This isn’t a confirmation, but a possibility. Either way, they’ve looked into Kojima during Tomm’s final releases and that says something.

        • I’d like FOX to be used, no doubt. Kojima’s name alone would make sure that Konami gives the series the time and development resources it needs to release polished.

          • Smiley

            Downpour director Brian Gomez also agreed with BloodyDisgusting regarding support for Ninja Theory to work on Silent Hill as well. We’ve seen what they can do with the Unreal Engine for DmC so even if Kojima Productions or the FOX engine doesn’t work out that’s another option I’d love to see Konami explore for the series.

          • I’m not sure how deep the story dept of NT is. I hear most of the best things about Enslaved, storywise had to do with Alex Garland. NT had bad ideas that he turned around.

            I’d go for Grasshopper or Mercury Steam.

          • Smiley

            Well if we’re talking about the writing then Grasshopper is as much of a mixed bag.

          • giantbat

            Grasshopper or MercurySteam would both be great choices for a Silent Hill project.

          • luigiix

            Indeed. If there’s a dev capable of emulate the feeling of old SH’s, that’s Grasshopper.

      • Smiley

        2 years later and now it’s confirmed. Not only does he want FOX used, but him and his team are in fact working on it. Great news, and a much better development team than most of the suggestions made.

        • Which is great. Konami really seem interested in getting him involved since he last mentioned it. Glad he’s stepping away from MGS for a bit to do this.

  • I loved his SH games (with Downpour being one of MY favorites) I’m deeply saddened by his departure. Hopefully whatever game he works on next, if it is a series that the said fans of that series treat him 100x’s better than the so called SH fans.

  • Tomm was stuck in a no win situation. He strikes me as a man who wanted to protect the most interesting series in game history, but was rarely given the resources to do so. A man who was severely mistreated by both the company he worked for, and the fans who decided everything was his fault.

    I would’ve done the exact same thing. Sounds like he found greener pastures over at WayForward

    • Best comment here. Few try to make sense of their argument of “he ruined everything” when in fact that’s impossible. There’s a corporate ladder of control. As an employee, he does not have complete control.

      • I’m honored, good sir 🙂

      • Nicholas Patrick

        He was a producer, not some random employee. You don’t blame the cashier for the drive thru speaker not working. He was the store manager who hated his customers.

        • Rourke Keegan

          Yes, and he was following directions from the corporate manager. Stop pretending that he’s satan, please.

          • Phil Fisher

            If it’s the corporate manager who approves everything, script, gameplay, concept art, music and everything else, what does this producer’s dude even do? Guess I know why he was fired now.

    • luigiix

      Well said my friend.

    • Nicholas Patrick

      How did he want to protect the HD remakes? by changing everything? He practically admitted to hating those games and yet he calls himself the series biggest fan! Bullshit!

  • Noma

    Whether or not he was responsible for the downfall of the series, I disliked this guy anyway. So thank god.

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    The Silent Hill game and movie franchises are both dead in the water. Let them rest, in that special place..

  • Cameron rogers

    Thank god. He was the reason for the bad games. We wont miss you.

    • Factually incorrect. Be gone, average user.

      • Nicholas Patrick

        He was the producer, and in charge of all aspects of production, anyone higher up is typically hands off so everything was his baby.

        • Hands off? You don’t seem to know how these things work, huh? Everything from the story has to be checked out by higher ups and approved.

  • Hope he finds a better place. Dunno what will happen to the series, but SH continues or ends. Life goes on.


  • DirtyNorris

    He produced Downpour, my least favourite game in the series. He also produced Shattered Memories, the best game I have ever fucking played.
    Think that works out even.

    • That’s generally how I feel. It really comes down to what Konami and their idiot upper management want. Tomm just managed to stave off the worst parts imaginable. The fanbase has devolved into a bunch of average consumers and twits, so they don’t understand that. The worst has yet to come.

      • luigiix

        You speak the truth. I truly fear for the future of Silent Hill.

  • ProtoShel

    Good to hear. After how badly he and Konami botched the HD Collection, I’m glad he’ll no longer be able to screw up future SH games.

  • Good ridance. this idiot fucking ruined Silent Hill.;3

    • The fans ruined it. People like you.

      • DirtyNorris

        Well said. I didn’t like Homecoming or Downpour, but the only time I ever despaired at the fate of the series was when the fandom shed all sense of common decency.

      • Smiley

        The fans don’t develop the games. They pay money to play them. Fail to make a good product and you’re bound to run a good thing to the ground. This doesn’t mean it was entirely Hulett’s fault, but blaming fans for the poor state of the series is just as absurd, if not more so.

      • I’M frustrated because Konami decided to hired this idiot.he worst thing that ever happened to Silent Hill. Team Silent gave us 4 awesome experiences I mean the real silent hill games SH1-2-3-4,when this idiot appeared Team Silent’s legacy turned into a mess and killed the best horror series of all time.

        • So I’m right to say that you didn’t read the article past the title and completely ignored my statement highlighting the inane accusations from people such as yourself, right? Right. Because an employee controls all facets of a company, including concept, budget, resources, and development time. I forgot that he was the President of the company.

          • Nicholas Patrick

            Producers are responsible for all aspects of game development, to deny this fact is to make up your own truth.


        Silent hill was a great series…there’s bad fans, but konami dissolves team silent…

      • Without the fans there would be NO series. Tom hewlett wanted to make as much money off this as he can and could care less that he was missing the point on the way that Silent Hill works. He had no interest in preserving the integrity of the game series. So don’t try to blame fans that only ask that the series they’ve supported for so long not turn into some other game to try to capitalize on the changing market. Just don’t. -__-

  • Koulamatata

    That’s a shame. I liked him with Silent Hill.

    Hopefully he’ll be more appreciated where he is now, god knows he was treated like shit over the past few years.

  • Blue

    What if SWERY and Suda51 got together to try to make a Silent Hill game?

    • It would be a bunch of noise and nonsense. Probably a combat action game with a giant sword. Suda is an overrated turd.

      • Blue

        I think Suda could pull it off. Look at games like Michigan that he worked with. Completely different feel.

      • luigiix

        But..but giant swords are awesome D:

      • Nicholas Patrick

        Suda worked on Fatal Frame 4, and despite being buggy, it was a fairly well received game.

  • Unfortunately, this probably means that Konami won’t be exploring the series anytime in the future without Tomm on board.

    • luigiix

      I think that’s good. Not that i disliked the newer games, but SH could use some rest, at least until Konami realizes the franchise’s true potential and start taking it seriously again.

  • I’m sure most of the fans of silent hill hate this guy from the bottom of his hooves to the top of his pitchfork.

  • Simon

    I honestly think he’s moving on to do different things just for the sake of a career. Hell, who wants to be known as the face behind all the SH games? Such a limited resume, IMO.

  • Bye Bye TH

  • luigiix

    Mixed feelings about this. In one hand, this makes me sad, because i loved Shattered Memories (one he actually produced). In the other, i’m glad he is now free of Konami’s fishy business.

    Best of wishes to Tom Hullet.

    Here’s hoping someday we see a spiritual succesor to SM 😀

  • Farewell Tom and good luck also thanks for preventing Homecoming from becoming a weird trilogy.

    To the future successor good luck you’re going to need it.

  • P0dz3mn1

    Thank God! Now if Konami would pull the plug officially on the series, that would be awesome. I think in his own right deep down, Tomm was a really big fan of the series but didn’t really use his position as a producer of the series, at all. In retrospect, the only thing that he did good is that he made sure that the games were at least playable from beginning to the end lol. I agree that he didn’t deserve death threats and hatemail from the r’tards that call themselvs SH fans. But maybe if the games weren’t mediocre at best, he wouldn’t get that flak.

    For me, these are the things that we will be remember about him regarding Silent Hill:

    – He was they guy that ”saved” Homecoming from becoming a trilogy. Saved in exclamation because even if Double Helix got green lighted from Konami suits to go with that ridiculous idea, Homecoming would flop in sales so there wouldn’t be a trilogy. Also tnx for the Pyramid Head in that game.

    – He was the guy that worked closely with Climax on Shattered Memories which is a cool game, but it’s not a SH game. The same way Book of Memories is not a SH game.

    – He was IN CHARGE of HD Collection. Yes, he is the one we have to thank for the new voices because old voices sucked, and they had to use new voices because every HD Collection has new voiceov… oh wait. Also, he wrote a new script for SH 2 on top of Owaku-san’s script and the only thing that saved us from that is that Konami didn’t want to spend money on new animation an all that. Yeah, thanks for being a part of burying 2 of the most beloved games in the series.

    – He is the guy thank we have to thank for Downpour shipping with screen tearing, frame rate stuttering, and infamous loading glitch. So yeah, thanks Tomm for a great job overseeing the project. You got a six month delay and you couldn’t even make the game run without problems.

    So yeah. Maybe if the games that he was making with those dev. teams didn’t go on the mediocre horror game shelf and he didn’t sh*t with Hijinx Games all over SH 2 and 3, maybe I would wish him all the best at WayForward.

    • Yes, because the cashier at a fast food restaurant has say over the prices of the food. There is no corporate ladder.

      • P0dz3mn1

        Dude, you are so up Tomm’s ass, it not even funny.

        • Nice retort after having someone explain to you the basic idea of how companies work. If you want to continue to believe that an employee has complete control over everything in a project, then be my guest and live in a fabricated reality where you’re 100% correct. The lengths people like you go through to make accusations is astounding. You should be embarrassed of yourself.

          • P0dz3mn1

            Yes, I’m embarrassed. Embarrassed of guys like you, mr. Fan of everything that has Silent Hill slapped on it. You don’t need to wax his statue because you’ve had an interview a couple of times with the guy and liked the games he worked on. And also, nice explanation on how companies work. But you missed something. It’s the cashier’s fault if your burger sucks if he himself flipped your burger and didn’t do the right job and now you are eating a raw burger. The company is not flipping your burger, the workers are, the same way the company is not developing a game, the dev. team is. The company can throw a few roadblocks (unfinished code for SH 2 & 3), but the developers are working on the game, and it’s their job to make things work. If I was gonna cut Tomm some slack on everything he messed up, I’m still left with a new script for SH2 & 3 and his attempt to make sure that the newcomers never had the same experience with those games that we have back in the day. That is the biggest betrayal you can do to a series you suppose to love.

            Oh yeah, and his comments on GameSpite that he deleted: Replaying SH2 (again) the monsters are just terrible. There’s nothing threatening about them once you get over your initial WTF. PH isn’t around enough to increase their worth–he’s still firmly in the boss territory. Say whatever you want about the new voices in Collection, but I made Born from a wish playable. The original voice acting for SH2 is shit. So enjoy wondering what the big f’ing deal about that game is when you play it in 2011. The only thing worse than the voice acting was the shit controls and brainless combat.

            That’s right CJ. I should be embarrassed of myself… oh wait.

          • “It’s the cashier’s fault if your burger sucks if he himself flipped your burger and didn’t do the right job and now you are eating a raw burger. The company is not flipping your burger, the workers are, the same way the company is not developing a game, the dev. team is”

            So the company doesn’t set the budget (how much money the game will receive to be made), the release date. and the core concepts of what type of game they want to sell? If that’s what you truly believe, that a producer could dictate that much of the development of a project, especially from Konami, a developer who has made some terrible decisions last year, then there’s no reason for me to continue this discussion. You won’t let yourself see past some illusion of blame that you’ve probably picked up from some other upset fans on the internet.

          • P0dz3mn1

            I love how you delegetemize points I brought up by saying that I probably picked them from other upset fans on the internet, and ”people like me” don’t need to do research before mouthing my own inane complaints. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that my opinion on the subject matter is less valid than yours just because I don’t agree with you. Just like most normal fans, I bought the games day one with my own money, played them a couple of times before I formed my own opinion that happened to be the same as some other people (on or off) the internet and now because of that I’m in the same hate bandwagon with retards that send Tomm death threats? Thanks man. I should shut up with my inane complaints and wax the statue and settle for less. Just like you.

            You can love all the new games (except Homecoming and Revelations movie), the same way some people like Final Fantasy 13 and are defending it to death. That’s your ”taste” in games, I don’t care. But to blatantly defend Hulett, like he was some sort of martyr and it was all Konami’s fault is ridiculous. Konami is in the crapper for some time now, but that’s not the point. The point is that the guy wrote the new script for 2 & 3 for Christ’s sake because he knew and liked SH more than Team Silent, you, me or any other fan. I guess that was also Konami’s fault. It was also Konami fault when the guy sh*t all over SH2 on the GameSpite forums? And I’m supposed to feel sad or sorry about the guy? Gimme a break.

            And yes, there is no point in continuing this discussion. Have a nice day.

          • alright, i can’t stand this anymore. couple things:

            1. tomm did not write a new script for sh2 and sh3. i don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but it’s wrong. the only thing tomm did was use different words in the script to allow for correct lip-flap of characters for VA dubbing in cut-scenes so they matched better. he didn’t “rewrite” the script. stop saying that. it’s wrong. if you have evidence of him doing this, show it. you won’t though, because you don’t have any.

            2. everything tomm said about sh2 on the gamespite forums was meant for the members of that forum and them alone. he was talking to a specific audience who knew him and knew when he was being sarcastic as hell. the reason he deleted his posts is because people linked his account there to him and he didn’t want to be taken out of context when he was being completely facetious. lo and behold, some douchebags on the internet went and did exactly that.

            and btw, i agree with everything tomm said about sh2 when he wasn’t being sarcastic and talking about halo fans. the monsters in sh2 were shit from a gameplay perspective. the combat was awful. those are his personal opinions which match mine. just because he’s working on an hd version of the game doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to have opinions.

            3. yes, you should feel bad for him. he’s been shit on constantly by people like you who have completely ass-backwards opinions about how game companies work and decide to blame people like tomm just because they’re the ones talking about these games. tomm wasn’t even in charge of anything on the hd collection other than the voice acting: if you look at the credits of the game you’ll see that devin is ranked higher than tomm. this has always been the case, but people like you just refuse to see that.

            stop it. just stop it.

          • P0dz3mn1

            As I’ve already said, I’m done with discussion. But just for you friend, you are completely wrong on all 3 points. And yes, I have evidence. Whoa…

            Search pm4477pm on YouTube for point 1, especially the part where Mary E. says that Tomm wrote a whole new script and later told her that they can’t change the script. It has nothing to do with a few line changes that were done in the final product.

            For point 3, listen Voices in the Static #4. Google it. Tomm is gonna explain to you what his role as associate producer means. Hint: it kinda shatters your watch the credits, Devin is ranked higher argument.

            As for number 2, of course he is entitled to his own opinion. So are you. So am I. Also tnx for those whose linked his comments to the public. What a bunch of douchebags, really. It’s nice to know what the guy (sarcasm and dicking around aside) thinks about the fan favorite game that he is porting in HD. You should always put the guy that hates the original games in charge of HD port. Imagine how awesome the Shadow of the Colossus HD would be if Bluepoint had a guy that though the Wander and Dormin should speak English. Awesomeeee… oh… no…wait, it would ruin the entire game. Also, if he feels that way about the game he’s working on, then it isn’t really a surprise he tried to change it as much as possible. Too bad Konami didn’t wanna give him any money to do that so all the fans old and the newcomers could buy Silent Hill: HD Collection (Tomm Hulett Enhanced Edition). Always love the corporate face, all the bells, whistles and lies, but on a private community forum, the skin sheds.

            I would like to say that I will stop once guys like you stop being ignorant and see the bigger picture, but now I’m really done. I will ignore future replies. Believe what you wanna believe. Please, downvote and be amused by my outrageous hate claims.

          • 1. mary elizabeth mcglynn was talking about the script itself; the actual text that are being spoken. it has everything to do with line changes. you just refuse to believe that because you need a bogeyman, and tomm fills that role.

            2. tomm’s role changes from game to game. on voices in the static #4, he was talking about his basic role on most games. again, bogeyman.

            you can now run way with your tail between your legs. goodbye.

          • Nicholas Patrick

            Wow, you didn’t even watch the video at all. Tom calling the original games shit, lying about trying to use the original voice actors, and insulting the fans is not professional. Calling him a scapegoat seems like an easy out for you because you seem to think that no one should take the blame for this horrendous mistake that was the HD collection. He was in charge, he oversaw every aspect of production, he hired the new voice cast and it was he who defiled the integrity of the original games to remake them with his own vision despite fan outcry. He could have washed his hands of the entire thing by simply handing it over to Bluepoint, but instead he got involved in remaking what he called “shit” games… and yet he’s the series biggest fan? A true fan would cry foul at ANY changes made to the original, and yet you’re defending what you claim to be sarcasm when he refuses to defend himself and instead deletes his own posts out of cowardice and fear? Koji Igarashi had a lot of short deadlines too, but he did a lot of bug testing and made sure that his games were 100% playable and even often enjoyable. You think he left Konami because he thought he was doing great work with them? Now he’s going to bring Wayforward down with him.

          • Nicholas Patrick

            He wasn’t a cashier, he was a local store manager.




      why always a person who has a negative opinion about silent hill has negatives votes? i put a positive vote because that was hilarious

  • Alchemist

    It’s really sad to see that so many Silent Hill Fans or Gamers in General, need a wrongly accused Scapegoat, which in this case is Tomm. But you know what, it always has to be someone, right?. Let’s be honest the Silent Hill Franchise lost a lot of it’s steam in the recent years. But Tomm tried to bring it back on track as much as he could, which can be seen with the IMO excellent Downpour (besides the, already discussed to death, technical problems). But if the Tuxedo Wearers aka Higher Ups at Konami only snap with thier fingers, everone else has to dance to thier accord, even a Tomm Hulett. If there is someone to blame, it’s Konami not Tomm.

    And i also never blamed Hijinx for the messed up HD Collection, since Konami had the Levers on thier side (and obviously also Poor Data Managment on thier side, since they lost the finished Build for the Silent Hill Games -_-).

    If i see some of the commentators here, which do the almighty “rightful?” accusing, it does not make me proud to be a Silent Hill Fan or a Gamer in General. But yo know what, let them be in thier Super Perfect Fantasy World where everything goes like they want to, MORE POWER TO THEM!!!!

    Tomm, i wish you the very best for your Future and that you found a better company in WayForward Technologies to work for than Konami. Cheers!!

    • Nicholas Patrick

      If they handed the HD releases over to Bluepoint, none of this would be controversial. They don’t even need the original build of the games since they grab an off the shelf copy and reverse engineer it to make it work in HD. A game is only as good as it’s producer allows it to be, and the captain has to go down with the ship. In the end he was blaming everyone but himself for all the poor decision making that he admits to being a part of at every turn in the process. Sakaguchi-san, Gunpei-san and even Mister Iwata all took responsibility for their mistakes in the game industry. He can’t even man up that he made a mistake.

      • mganai

        What if the developer wasn’t his choice to make? How can he accept responsibility for something that wasn’t his fault?

  • Broc Holmquest

    Wow. I know I’m in the minority, but this is a bummer (and a bit of a shock).
    I realize opinions on the modern entries in the series are divided, but personally I felt that Shattered Memories and Downpour were two of the better Silent Hill titles (I’d put them right up with the first two games in the series, honestly) and that they both did extremely interesting things with video game narrative. Way Forward is a great company, so I’m sure it will be a pleasant transition, but still…can’t help but wonder what this means for the future of Silent Hill.

  • I dislike him mostly for his disrespect for Team Silent and their games Silent Hill 2 and 3. He changed them to suit his wants and had no consideration for the orginals. Make your own games and stop messing with already perfect material. So now that Tomms gone, it really doesnt matter, he screwed up the HD collection as well as other things he was involved with in the Silent HIll series. Now he’s pissed off to another company to ruin their stuff. Shameful.

  • Here’s the thing. Silent Hill is a tough ass game to make. And in the hands of people who don’t understand it AND IN THE GAMING MARKET THAT ACTION GUN SHOOTER GAMES ARE TOP (cap for a reason), it is hard since horror games have the lowest selling rate. YOU CAN’T MAKE AN ACTION GAME IN A SILENT HILL GAME. Look at RE’s series.

  • That Guy

    Good luck with whatever is next Tomm

  • What a fucking tragedy boo hoo.

  • Good riddance.

  • Emblemz

    seriously, how many times are they going to fuck up the series. they dont get it!! you new players dont get it!!! leave the fucking game alone! its already dead since the 3rd (4th is an exception because of the occult). its been dead since team silent left!! fuck!

    r.i.p silent hill <3 :'(

  • As a huge Silent Hill Fan, I’d rather see this franchise to die quickly than see it get dragged through the mud, in hopes of expanding the franchise to an unappreciative FPS douche following. Good riddance.

  • I’m noticing a lot of support for poor tom hewlett. This is hilarious to me… the guy made a lot of money and his games were arguably less-than-up-to-standard. Besides, the fans reactions as consumers is justifiable; it’s business, baby! It’s not like this was his hobby and us SH fans are being so mean and not letting him enjoy life. It was a job… a job he was not cut out for.

    Remember, consumer response is only as good as the product created. Don’t blame the fans for being less than satisfied with the Tom Hewlett approved Silent Hill Games. I dropped 50 bucks on Downpour and can’t even play the piece of shit because of the relentless frame rate issues. For that, between the fans and TH (who must approve games before they are shipped out), I blame tom.

    • mganai

      How do you know he made a lot of money? News flash: most game industry peeps aren’t rich.

      And Tomm didn’t have approval privileges. The top people at Konami did.

  • The communications between Konami and Hideo Kojima about the latter making the next Silent Hill game to which Hideo replied “I’d love to” is very promising and I guess having a Hideo in charge is way better than any other person in the world.

    Maybe this is why he left because someone else is taking over Silent Hill not to mention the negative feedback from fans towards the last Silent Hill games. I enjoyed Downpour so much yet it felt unfinished. It had so much potential with graphics, gameplay and exploration not to mention the emotions in cutscenes, side missions and replay-ability but the monsters looked very silly and the game had countless frame-rate/graphical flaws.

    I think we need somebody who gives a new SH game with the original soul of the series in it. I don’t have anything against black metal music, it’s singers nor it’s fans but it feels like black metal fans are making the latest Silent Hill games while the original ones had a Japanese horror style. I prefer the style of the older SH games that didn’t feel like mainstream horror.

  • Murphy Pendleton

    Tom’s departure from Konami could be the culmination of a number of factors. We can speculate as much as we like but there’s no point in arguing over what’s done. He’s left Konami and the most humble thing to do now would be to wish him better luck with Wayforward Technologies.

    Personally I disagree that he ruined the series. I think he did his best to preserve the integrity of the game whilst attemtping to satisfy corporate goals such as maximising profit and expanding the game’s fan base (obvious goals he would have had being an executive producer).

    Yet his endeavours to fulfil both these aspirations and achieve a balance between the two weren’t successful.

    This is because Silent Hill has a very specific flavour. It’s an ingenious psychological survival horror series heavily rooted in religious, occult and supernatural symbolism (i.e. the concept of redemption/salvation from sins). Such a game would only appeal to a very speciifc market and attempts to exapnd the game’s market/increase profits by innovating and veering away from the original elements would upset many people/invariably draw criticism.

    (This is exactly what happened in the latter games, e.g. Homecoming, where there was a heavy shift towards combat with the main protagonist being a skilled soldier instead of an ‘everyman’ or Shattered Memories which utilised a new platform/technology and a unique plot constituting a re-imagining of the original events in SH1 instead of the traditional occult symbolism. Even the book of memories which primarily focused on multiplayer gameplay, the selling point of renowned games such as Halo/Call of Duty)

    It’s important to note that in this day and age, contrary to when Silent Hill first debuted, the games valued are 1st-person shooter games/heavy combat games/multiplayer. This is because the technology involved in current gen-consoles are more equipped for such dynamic, fast-paced gameplay.
    It isn’t suited to the unique symbolic puzzles and slow-paced investigative gameplay of the traditional Silent Hill games seen in the old gaming platforms.

    (This is also probably why Tom criticised the SH2 gameplay because the
    combat, compared to the capabilities of combat on current-gen was
    definitely meagre)


    From a corporate perspective, an executive producer such as Tom would naturally want to attract this new dominant market towards his games and thus the innovative new approaches seen in the latter Silent Hill games.

    I honestly think he did well to keep the peace between the contending forces of traditional Silent Hill and modern mainstream gaming.

    Both Homecoming and Downpour had scintillating plots, focusing on the idea of redemption from sins committed under duress circumstances through supernatural punishment. (In Homecoming it was Alex subconsciously refusing to accept his unintentional murder of Joshua whereas in Downpour it was Murphy, a broken man seeking revenge against the pedophile that killed his son sending his life into a downward spiral. Homecoming even had its own unique lore in the form of “The founding fathers of Shepherd Glen that made a pact with the God of Silent Hill to leave the town and live in peace, whereby they appease the god through ritualistic sacrificing of their descendants” whilst Downpour had sidequests, another innovative new feature in Silent Hill, featuring allusions to the traditional SH games)

    Tom was just honestly doing his job the best he could by trying to keep 2 different factions (the traditional SH fans and mainstream gaming) happy. He was an intelligent fan of the games who understood the significant symbolism underlying the game, e.g. his disapproval of the return of pyramid head in homecoming, which he knew was a punisher of James alone)

    In many interviews he’s done he’s cognizant of the delicacy of preserving the traditional flavours of the original SH games because of the very specific fan base, which is why he has openly admitted to the unsuccessful nature of Homecoming (though I loved it!).

    He also openly expresses in interviews for the games the new innovative approaches they are using (such as interviews for Shattered Memories and Book of Memories)

    That being said there are many unanswered questions such as why Downpour had so many technical issues, e.g. freeze frame issues.

    I was also disappointed at the insignificant role the infamous order of Silent Hill was playing in the latter games (albeit this is contextually understandable following the events of SH3 when Vincent Smith the main financial provider of the order dies/Claudia dies and god is killed as well as following SH4 when Walter, Dahlia’s back-up plot to resurrect god, is killed by Henry thus preventing him from completing the 21 sacraments needed to revive god).

    • Nicholas Patrick

      His original contributions were fine, good bad or indifferent those games were trying to make new SH experiences from a different point of view. But what he did to the HD Collection, insulting the fans, calling the original games shit, replacing the voice acting with his own interpretation of what it meant, trying to rewrite the story and lying about everything the whole time… makes him a complete and total asshole.

      • Except he didn’t try to change the story. “Rewriting” is having the script move differently since mocap and voice over is not being done like it was with the original. There are only two to three words changed over the span of both HD games, and both were extremely small and approved by series translator and writer Jeremy Blaustein. If you’re gonna present your information as fact because you saw a video that didn’t care to ask the people to clarify their comments, then expect to get disagreed with.

  • Glad to see him gone. i couldn’t take another lackluster silent hill 2 clone. if you are a fan of silent hill you should check out the teal silent hill experience on youtube. they show why the recent silent hill games are unworthy of the silent hill title and give a history of the series as a whole.

  • Ed


  • Reida Bokhari

    Why can’t we just have a good silent hill game with homecoming mechanics and silent hill 2 atmosphere?? Downpour was shit, I’m glad this guy has left.

  • Roger Buarø

    Silent hill was suppose to be an end of the story. From SH1 and SH3 was the main story of the whole game. SH2 was a love story. And Origin was showing us the very start of the game. I didn’t mind that <3. But as everyone should know, the story really ended at SH3. Perhaps Downpour and Homecomming wasn't that good either. Same goes to Resident Evil 4,5 and 6. None of them should be continued. But they still make a new story to MAKE it continue. But for Silent Hill games, those new ones makes no big connection. A few familiar items perhaps, but that's just it. I really dislike the Nightmare words at the new games. Not scary at all. But SH3 gave me a whole disturbing feeling, which I hope they will use the same on other games. But for now, we'll wait til Konami has in mind later on.

  • Marcus Layne Topel

    This must have been the best news for silent hill fans. Good riddance Tomm! Thanks for ruining a franchise.

  • Tiffany Susanto

    I don’t want to be mean, but seriously, good riddance. He claimed that “nobody cares about Silent Hill more than him”. He thinks he could do Silent Hill 2 better than Team Silent themselves and wanted to change the whole script for the HD collection. He doesn’t care about Silent Hill 1 and 3’s story which contains the origin of Silent Hill. So honestly, I can’t see him free from blames.

  • João Otávio

    mid 2017 just passed here to say that silent hill was better dead than on huletts hands 😀

  • João Otávio

    and before i forget: “as a producer, i’m in charge of the game as a whole and nothing goes in without my approval ” – need to name?


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