The Last Of Us might be getting made into a movie, Sony Pictures registers domain

Well it looks as though The Last Of Us is getting made into a feature film sometime in the future. ¬†As Sony Pictures has registered the domain for “”¬†recently.

Well that was kind of out of no where, and not something I personally expected to happen. The Last Of Us draws heavily from the 2009 film The Road, and comparisons are likely to be made by those not familiar with the game. Who knows if this’ll actually end up ever coming into fruition, all the same though Sony is obviously interested in doing it.

[Source, via NeoGAF]

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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Yeah, how would they avoid that now?! The comparison I mean. I think the Road novel before it got made into a film.

  • LEM

    I really hope this never gets made.

  • Liam Mountain

    and how will Hollywood muck this up ….let me count the ways.

  • Elcor

    ugh we’ve heard this a million times before- Heavy Rain, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower and loads more games were meant to be turned into movies

  • Steven Bayne


  • Brandoloneous

    Really? Viggo Mortenson? Have you guys not seen American Horror Story? Dylan McDermott looks and sounds exactly like Joel!


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