Resident Evil Remaster HD to be 1080p/30fps on PS4 and Xbox One

While looking over the details of Capcom’s Resident Evil HD port, I noticed a small bit of info that will no doubt interest the visual fidelity hungry gamers of this current console generation: the HD remaster of Resident Evil will be locked to 30fps on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both current-gen console versions will indeed be 1080p. Last-gen versions will be 720p/30fps. As for the PC version of the game, no details are readily available.

A disclaimer on the Resident Evil website possibly gives an explanation to why there’s a 30fps framerate cap, “The original game called this technique “video backgrounds.”We recorded the backgrounds themselves as videos to create realism that couldn’t be rendered in real time with the technology of the time.” There’s no direct statement saying that this is why the game’s fps is capped at 30, but it very well might be the reason.

If so, then it may be unlikely that we’ll see native 60fps support on PC, either. Perhaps we’ll have to rely on modders to whip something up. I guess we’ll find out later. Resident Evil Remaster HD is still quite a ways away.


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  • I guess what they were trying to say, is that they recorded the backgrounds in 30fps?

  • Anubis

    I’m worried about the backgrounds. Hope they don’t look way too pixelated.

  • Chris Boehm

    I wonder if the original models etc. for the video backgrounds still exist anywhere, so that they could re-render them at higher resolution and FPS

    • killer89

      Models cant be made high resolution, they get more polygons.
      Texture however can be made high resolution.

      • Chris Boehm

        I didn’t say to make the models higher resolution, I said to render the scenes at higher resolution (meaning, the output image being of higher resolution), which you can do no matter how few polygons the models have.

        • killer89

          You are the expert, so i believe you.

          • Chris Boehm

            Ha, well I am hardly an expert 🙂 Just an idea I had. I’m sure they lost the original files anyway

          • Mrox2

            models are seen in Umbrella Chronicles, but we dont know if these were original models with low polys or just remade…

  • Andrew David Brown

    Hopefully this won’t give people more reasons to whine. I’m a little shocked that after years of people showing legitimate interest in an HD remaster of this magnificent game, people are still finding little things to bitch and complain about. I only say “a little shocked” because people this day and age seem so childish when they don’t get EXACTLY what they want from a game company.

    I personally have no problem if it runs on 30 fps. If it has the option to run 60 fps, that’s cool too.

    • Guilherme Teruya


    • Xuchilpaba

      Are you from a game company?

      • Andrew David Brown

        Do I need to be to make an observation?

        • Xuchilpaba

          Of course not, I just made a guess.

    • ariessiren

      Yeah 60 is fantastic for new games, but this is not needed for older games. People are going to complain regardless, just ignore them. capcom is giving us what we want. That’s a good thing. A lot of people never played this and it’s seriously good

  • Guilherme Teruya

    Well, since I’m buying this on PS3 or X360…

  • Steven Bayne

    This is fantastic news! I didn’t expect to see RE 1 ported to new consoles. Capcom may be on to something here….

  • Liam Mountain

    I take it this is a test to see if we will get A Resident Evil 2 remake.
    I love the remake can’t wait to see Lisa Trevor in unscaled Graphics day one purchase for me.

    • reptar

      I doubt this is a ‘test’ for a RE2 remake. This is Capcom testing the ‘we want horror!’ feedback they’ve received the last few years.

      The Remake didn’t do incredibly well on GC, this is a way for them to make more profit on the title, and being released on current gen systems will be a good lead-in for current gamers to pick up the eventual RE7.

  • ariessiren

    This game is pretty slow paced, so it wouldn’t need the 60 fps. It’s not a fast shooter by any means. Still day one buy for me. It’s the best re ever made now in 1080p.

  • Andy

    30fps? Wow really?

  • Colgate

    Finally I can’t wait to see this on PC! I hope they won’t messed the control or even worse gameplay….. Also they should make a remake out of RE 2!

  • Xuchilpaba

    Yeah, 60fps is overrated for this game of pace. No biggie.

  • fjfjjffj

    Ugh stop complaining. Its finally time was can play this without it looking like poo on our big screens from the old Gamecube and Wii.


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