Resident Evil 7 Demo’s biggest mystery will be resolved soon


So it deepens! The mystery behind the dummy finger in Resident Evil 7’s demo continues. But it looks like we’re inching closer to an actual resolution.

Pictured below is what those that signed up for Resident Evil 7’s ambassador program are receiving.


It looks like we’ll be getting an update of some sort for the demo, which will then finally allow us to finger the right hole.

Stay tuned!

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  • I’d really like access to the demo on other platforms before Capcom spills all the secrets about it 🙁

  • Tvirus Getz

    they got September 28 marked and if that means Resi Threemake, ima nut

  • SgtKirby

    Sound like the solution wasn’t even coded into the game, yet

    • LoveAnimation

      Makes it feel like the people that tried to find out what to do with the finger just wasted lots of time for nothing.

  • Shane

    A second demo seems obvious now because.

    A: The trailer shows more scenes we have not yet seen that look directly tied to the Family Man. (We are being dragged by a human looking figure who appears to be carrying the Kitchen scene’s infected woman)

    B: The whole original Kitchen scene has not completed yet, the last part we seen was Pete getting messed up, but that isn’t the end if you read last years previews.

    • Chris Hawk

      Ya but if they do this. They have to up their game like more original scares and a little bit of combat.

      • Shane

        It’s possible we will see a second demo showing some combat, they intended this first demo to set the tone and some exploration. The trailer from E3 did show a gun but if that’s footage from a future demo is anyone’s guess. As for original scares? well the horror genre sadly lacks originality on that front, we may have to wait until the full RE7 to see what they have up their sleeve. I like how secret they are being with the final game, but I understand some peoples frustrations if the demo isn’t giving them a clear idea.

        • Chris Hawk

          Atleast less blatant scares like “oooo the mannequin is looking at me now” or The obvious blair witch project kinda scare. We need more biological kind of stuff ,too. I liked the demo tho bc the atmosphere and tone was really good ,but the supernatural kind of stuff was trumping over the biological stuff. I know that they said ghosts are not in the full game but they need to show that. I need a real, physical, gritty threat not a ghost-like creature shown the demo. Also showing off combat will definitely boost the excitement by a lot and clear frustrations.

  • Krauser


  • Andy

    People are so focused on the dummy finger than actually RE lore lol. Or anything to do with RE. -_-


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