Biohazard Chronicles HD Selection announced for Japan

Yeah, I knew this was bound to happen eventually. At the Biohazard 15th Anniversary x TBI Group Anniversary Tasting Party and Reception event, Capcom has announced that both Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles (formerly exclusive to Wii) will be making their way to the PlayStation 3 with the release of Biohazard Chronicles HD Selection.

Like the Revival Selection before it, both rail-shooters will be remastered in HD, with added PlayStation Move support, and, of course, trophies. No official release date was given nor was there any confirmation that this would be hitting Europe and the US, but I’m quite sure it will, perhaps via Xbox LIVE and PSN like Resident Evil 4 and CODE: Veronica X HD did. So, Capcom, now it’s time to start prepping up HD versions of REmake and Zero!



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  • I was hoping this would happen, because I don’t own a Wii.

  • merzitar

    This sucks! Why is there no Xbox 360 (Kinect) version? I’d buy it, even though I’m not a fan of the CHRONICLES Series… but do you want to know why I’ll buy it? BECAUSE I LOVE RESIDENT EVIL!

  • DarkOmnios

    Nice, i dont have a wii, only ps3.

    But im still waiting for the 15years edition to come to the rest of the world 🙁

  • DarkOmnios

    ps. Sorry for the double post.

    And i hope its not only in digital format.

  • Bastardcat

    First they stab Wii owners in the back repeatedly, then they make the HD version PS3 exclusive.
    I’ve lost all trust in Japanese companies.

  • lol

    “now it’s time to start prepping up HD versions of REmake and Zero!”


  • DarkDreamTCK

    And STILL no RE2/3 REmake. Thanks Capcom.

  • StuntmanSnake

    I can’t wait! I never got to play Darkside Chronicles and it will be neat to see the Outbreak environments that were recycled in Umbrella Chronicles in high definition!

    Please explain.

  • mohamed

    good but how about outbreak
    eny new’s

  • lol


    lol. if you have any respect for RE2/3 dont ask for remake. it would be a stinking pile of crap like RE5 which is not survival horror. this game is no longer and will never be a survival horror again. i didnt even mention mikami’s absence. best bet = remake & zero hd remastered.

  • xXxJamesxX

    @lol very good point there.

    I also suggest they should do an HD port of the REmake and RE0 to both PS3 and 360, thats if they decide to ofcourse.

  • Pablo

    If the graphics look as bad as the recent HD-remakes and if there is no new content whatsoever, then I might not get it. Úmbrella Chronicles had issues they need to work on and so does the other title.

  • ccyguason

    Capcom answer(oficial):REmake and RE 0 ONLY FOR GAME CUBE(and Wii RE Archives)

  • psylocke185


  • Dominic

    Just bought a Move set for my PS3 and the Sharpshooter recently, bring it on!

  • Fallarnon

    too bad. loved the Wii versions. Well I guess if it’s ported to playstatation 3 and 5 years after, lol, then it’s not too bad. LOL. When Nintendo is moving to Wii U, PS3 getting 5 year old games.

  • noname

    i can’t wait release date ( june ) , so happy :)))))))))


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