Fatal Frame 5 Announced for Wii!

Fatal Frame 5 has been announced for the Wii to come out within the next year. Little is known besides a few screens and a small clip of gameplay, but it looks impressive for the Wii with it’s visuals and is a horror game for the Wii that promises to be good and not a port which is something the Wii needs more of. Unfortunately it likely won’t release outside of Japan like Fatal Frame IV. It’s OK if you want to cry on our shoulders, we’ll understand. However we have some special things coming up about Fatal Frame IV and quite possibly 5 so keep your eyes out for that. Check out the screens and gameplay below.








See a small clip of gameplay HERE.

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  • Dan

    It’s Fatal Frame 2 Remake, not 5.

    • CKokoshi

      It is known as Fatal Frame 5, Deep Crimson Butterfly, Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. It is Fatal Frame 5.

  • We actually noticed the similarity to Fatal Frame 2 however the game is labeled “Fatal Frame V” in it’s assets from Nintendo so whenever it’s a remake or the beginning for some reason retells the beginning of Fatal Frame 2, not sure.

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  • Rennan

    Well, actually is the Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly, but it’s a Remake who the Tecmo is doing, not the Called “Fatal Frame V” I really hope the Fatal Frame II Remake don’t have the camera like the Fatal Frame IV’cus it’s really bad the camera, you lose really much part of the “horror” in the game

  • Helena

    Okay…I’m not the smartest person in the world, but i played all but 4.
    This game is not just a SIMLIARITY or 2. It actually IS 2. It just looks remade, and Mayu’s outfit and hair is a bit different. You can probably do more is all, like examine more stuff. I don’t think Namco or Nintindo would make another game with the same people and name it something else. Why call it Fatal Frame 5, when obviously it looks like Mio and Mayu. Sam village, same outfits, twins, same everything.
    You cant trust what you hear, because long before Fatal Frame 4 came out, all Fatal Frame fans (including me), were informed by game imformers that Fatal Frame 4 would be released to us. Well USA and Europe don’t have them. Only way to get it, is to import it

  • As we all know one girl was dead on Fatal Frame 2. That leaves out the the idea of a sequel, to me. But they can always go back to the past and re do it all over again
    and remake it but add more to the tragic end of the girl.
    There will be a way to save Mio!

    • Frest13

      the sequel was in fatal frame 3 where you found both the girl from the first and one of the twin sister from the 2nd.

  • Haipaa Koneko

    It’s really too early to make any assumptions. Just because there are scenes from Fatal Frame 2 does not automatically make it a remake. In case gamers forgot there were alot of things having to do with the twins in Fatal Frame 3 including shots during the credits, for all we know what we have been getting could be flashback stuff. But I’m not excluding the thouht that it could be a remake, Fatal Frame 2 was crazy popular and they may want to fix any story discrepancies they had before that didn’t fit in quite right with timelines and what-have-you.

  • jejeje

    I like PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want it to be a remake but just a little different because we would already know where to go because all they would do is make it look better then just the same they should add like 2 chapters to the game and make the endings different not like different pictures on what happened that doesnt make sense.., I like how they in fatal frame 2.

  • jejeje

    how they did the ending in fatal frame 2***

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  • Brock

    That pisses me off Fatal Frame is my favorite game series, and Fatal Frame 2 is my favorite game in that series. So why is it that they always do this to me! it just sick to only release in Japan why would they do that, don’t they want more money? I don’t even care if they don’t have English voice actors just sub the game for hell sacks!It’s not fare at all!DAMN YOU TECMO!!!!

  • ok i just heard of this and i think its pathetic, i mean COME ON did i just waste money on fatal frame 2 for ps2 huh if this does come out fatal frame 2 is going bye bye im sick of having to waste money on games when they always end up redoing something new it pisses me off oh well at least fatal frame 3 and 1 for ps2 shall keep me occupied and WTH why not a clock tower 1 2 and 3 remake for ps2 or something COME ON and the character models in this dont look really the same as they do in the ps2 of fatal frame 2 they look WOAH different if your gunna do something right make them look the same not brand new to get people to be interested in buying the game come on tecmo you guys broke my heart once again. oh well fatal frame 2 goes bye bye looks like i only own 1 and 3 very soon

  • Xenogenesis

    Hopefully this upcoming Fatal Frame doesn’t end up like Fatal Frame IV and HOPEFULLY that Namco change their mind about putting this game only for Wii. I hope they change their mind on everything about this games ‘cuz i’m pretty sure fans will be angry if something like this is not being credibility to the international fans… 🙁

  • Alex

    This isn’t fatal frame 5 it’s just the second one for the wii -.- God you guys are stupid.

    • CKokoshi

      The game is known as Fatal Frame 5, the remake of Fatal Frame 2. Project Zero 2: Wii Edition or Deep Crimson Butterfly. What else should I say? Its known as Fatal Frame 5 as the remake.

  • Anton nyström

    is Fatal frame passible to get to PC or xbox, (not 360)? /you can reach me at my mail or facebook

  • wow! but falat frame5 is in Wii ia cant play it because ia had only Xbox ang plastation 2 how sad TT^TT

  • Tony

    it may be like the resident evil umbrella chronicles where you play different scenarios…just saying 🙂 , I played all the fatal frame games…can’t wait for it still :D!

  • Mr

    FATAL FRAME is realy fear

  • Mio Amakura

    Real fear=FATAL FRAME

  • That’s more than seinslbe! That’s a great post!

  • carynkoh

    Im very sure that was fatal frame 2… haa haa remade… please don’t named it fatal frame 5… I hope they will really come out with a new game, new story for fatal frame 5… waiting for it…

  • i wish that i have a relative in japan so that i can have that game..T_Thuhuhuhuuh

    • you don’t need to wish for that dude.. just download a dolphin emulator for wii. and download 月派身の仮面 zero 4. with english convertions.

  • Fizzyology

    I keep seeing people saying the same thing. “It’s just a remake!” Regardless of the fact that Nintendo is stupid (FF4 T_T) I doubt they would really remake FF2 and call it 5. My opinion is that maybe they’re showing those scenes on purpose to keep us guessing. As far as we know, the shown scenes could simply be flashbacks and perhaps Mio is once again the main character, possibly finding herself in a similar situation or even having dreams (like ff3) that cause her to see Mayu.

    But it’s all just me thinking anyway. I’ll buy it regardless.

  • fatal frame fan

    wtf! fatal frame 5 is just like fatal frame 2 but better and realistic! y the fuck did they do that hu hu hu! fuck fuck fuck!
    ok ill try to cool dowm……ok plz tell me y they made another verison of fatal frame 2

    bree:probly they wanted to make ir beter?

    me: >_> no case they r dumb asses they cant think of a new one

    bree: rly

    me:i belive so cause this is them uh uh uh hety u uh boss lets make ff 2 more relic with ff5 hu hu hu hu hmm….thats a great idea!
    hell no its not u dush ff 2 was ment for ff2 not ff5 y would anny one want t replay ff2 y would anny one want that after each ff game form 1 to 4 ff5 had to b ff2

    bree: 0-0 *wow*

    me: >_> >:vwe need to write a note to them sying remake ff5 to something driffent ff fan demnds it to happ she dose not i repet dose not want to play ff5 if its based on ff2 after al the scary shit she did to get to ff5 she finds out its ff2 all ovr again!

    bree:c yea later guys shes gone bazerk! 0-0

  • bree

    shes gone nutz plz ff people dnt make her mad she will find u

    ff fan: fuck u ff gamer people fah! bree: clam down ff fan o shiz run away!

  • Sniper

    This the Fatal Frame 2 Remake not Fatal Frame 5

    • CKokoshi

      It is the remake but it is known as Fatal Frame 5 as well.

      • no its not! and tecmo never mentioned any thing about a 5th addition to the series for a long time. this is just a remake; nothing more. so stop naming it ff5 coz its not.

  • RabidFatalFramer

    I’ll need more then a few shoulders to cry on. I’ll also need some things to break, preferably with a baseball bat, enormous amounts of tissue and some sort of dignified “I’m so depressed about -insert depressing thing here-” junk food. I love the Fatal Frame games and was pretty po’d when 4 wasn’t released here. >.> Stupid people, but anyway…even if it’s like a remake of FF2, I’d buy it. I love all those games and my niece would love it, too. True, she’s only seven but her five year old brother is hooked on Resident Evil (Woot! for the future gaming generation!)I’d buy ANY Fatal Frame game honestly…even if I didn’t have the game system…yeah…kinda crazy…*twitch-twitch*

    • Ian

      they better release it too for the ps3 console I just heard that tecmo are making it I dont know if it is true but I wish it true

  • Ethan

    i hope to godthat this comes to the US and on ps3

  • fatal frame biggest lover

    wat r u nuts this a total fake murder this fake man

  • fatal frames biggest lover!!!

    hey lets kill this guysits a total fake


    i searched for it for almost 8 days 24/7 and wat i found was this shit

    fuck them

    • This is very much real. Except it’s official title now is Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly. You can find articles about it on this very site.

  • Crimson_star21

    idiot! i can tell you know nothing of the series…
    this is a remake of fatal frame 2 “crimson butterfly”
    its like a better version of RE4 in the wii console…

  • Jonquille

    I’ve been spoiled in the comments T___T



  • This is NOT fatal Frame 5 do some research before you post! This is merely a remake of Fatal Frame 2. -___-

  • These are screenshots of “Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Butterfly” (the HD remake).

  • Astro

    This is remake of 2 …


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