Albert Wesker is Apparently Still Alive, Reveals Umbrella Corps (Update)

UPDATE: So D.C. Douglas added a little fuel to the fire the other day, tweeting this:

Yeah, seems like the man himself is acknowledging that the big W is back in black. We’ll have to wait and see how this development effects the RE universe. There’s lots of theories flying around- anything from Wesker being James Marcus’ed and now being a hivemind of Uroboros worms that can reform into a human being, or that the Organization has created a Wesker clone in the same manner that Carla Radames was cloned into being a copy of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6. Guess we’ll find out, but I would be very surprised if this didn’t end up having any effect on Resident Evil 7.

Original Post:

O…kay. This is interesting.

Considering the abysmal player base on Steam, and how freakin’ long it takes to find a match on PS4, it seems like a pretty safe bet to assume that almost none of you are playing Umbrella Corps, the new online competitive shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. That said, while delving into the game’s single-player mode, The Experiment (a series of Mercenaries-esque missions across the multiplayer maps), I’ve uncovered a bizarrely complex, and maybe even important addition to Resident Evil lore.

First off, Umbrella Corps is a canon entry in the series. No alternate realities like Operation Raccoon City, or just for funsies plotless gameplay like Mercenaries 3D. Umbrella Corps is a new chapter of the universe with new information about what’s going on – but from the bad guy’s point of view. Set just after the events of Resident Evil 6, we play as a mercenary code-named 3A-7, working for The Organization (the underground string-pullers that Albert Wesker led in RE4) as you fight through hordes of the undead and Plagas-infested Ganado and Majini to acquire combat data, DNA samples, and more. When selecting which mission to play in The Experiment, you can read small journal entries by your commanding officer and lead researcher, Abraham Jackson, which fill in the story. He seems like a pretty twisted S.O.B., not caring if you live or die in these experiments, and eager to learn more about the virus and Plagas in lieu of anything else. Completing each level will reward you with extended information for each entry, which expands on the overarching story.

We’re sent across the globe to the sites of many famous Resident Evil disasters – which still stand to this day, walled off behind quarantine zone barriers, still full of zombies and monsters. We begin by exploring an underground Umbrella lab, a Tricell base that was struck with a bio-terror attack sometime after Resident Evil 5, and move on to more famous locations like Los Pueblos (the village) from Resident Evil 4, Kijuju’s autonomous zone from Resident Evil 5 – and even a full-scale recreation of Raccoon City, built for the sake of testing both the virus and the new Umbrella Corps soldiers. It’s very interesting to learn that these locations still exist (doubly so for the Raccoon City recreation). Recreations of famous landmarks aren’t alien to RE, Spencer couldn’t help but rebuild the Arklay mansion every few hundred miles it seems; they’re, for the most part, left exactly as Leon, Chris and the others left them all those years ago.

Anyway, when we reach the village location, Abraham starts commenting on how a higher-up from The Organization has come to inspect the experiment and how it’s progressing. Here’s what the journal entries say:

Someone who was there? Very, very few people survived the events of Resident Evil 4, and only two of them were male: Leon Kennedy and … Albert Wesker. Sure, he never actually visited the village, or got his hands dirty in any way – but he kept a constant bird’s eye view of the event via satellite cameras, and directed Ada Wong throughout the ordeal.

People are terrified of this man, you say? Apparently with good reason. The very next entry is by a completely new person, Beatrice Bertrand, who comments on how the previous lead researcher has mysteriously disappeared. Shit. There goes any chance of finding out who this man is… right? Maybe not.

During the game’s multiplayer, you receive instructions from both Abraham Jackson and Beatrice Bertrand (not at the same time though, it’s one or the other), and they will also comment on your performance. Chiding you if your team blows it, praising you if your team does well. If you manage to get a shut-out (defeat the enemy team without losing a single round), a very… interesting message will play which would seemingly answer our questions. I managed to get a recording of this too, during my live-stream the other day. Unfortunately, I’m dumb and talk over it, but you can still hear it. Abraham speaks to someone new, saying:

Well sir, what did you think?

In response, what is undeniably D.C. Douglas playing Albert Wesker says:

That was… satisfactory.

So… uhmm… Albert Wesker is apparently alive. I really don’t know what to say. I’ve never been someone that was pining for Wesker’s return in the series, as I was fairly satisfied with his death in Resident Evil 5. I mean, he dies pretty conclusively in RE5 if you slow down the footage. You can actually see his head disappear as one of the rockets goes flying through it.

I’m just as surprised as you probably are. I never actually expected them to do anything like this, and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. It does raise a few questions, however. How did Wesker survive RE5? Was that a clone of himself that we fought? Is this a clone speaking in Umbrella Corps? Wesker was brilliant and evil, and always had an extra trick up his sleeve – including surviving death once already. He remained dead for years after the release of Resident Evil, until it was revealed he was not only still alive, but imbued with super-human powers thanks to the T-Virus. Could Wesker have done it again? Assuming that the Wesker in RE5 is a clone, it could explain why Wesker goes so off-rails in RE5. He quite literally loses his mind, and becomes a screaming lunatic with grandiose, comic-book villain plans for the human race by the end of that game. If it was just a clone, that might explain why Wesker’s cool demeanor basically just evaporates.

What’s also worth talking about is what this means for Resident Evil‘s future, especially Resident Evil 7. The demo for RE7 showcases an Umbrella-branded helicopter, and there’s lots of questions surrounding what in the world is actually going on in the final game. Could Wesker be involved? Could he be the man in the wheelchair we see in the trailer, weakened after his conflict with Chris, or just really old (he’d be almost 60 now)? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.


I’m hoping there’s more to this than just “Fans really missed him and we kind of wrote ourselves into a corner” the way that other franchises have brought back dead but popular characters (here’s looking at you, Star Wars). I’ll keep you updated as I find out more information; I haven’t finished The Experiment yet (it’s really hard). If any more information comes to light as to Wesker’s survival, I’ll be right back with everything I’ve learned. For now … I just don’t know what to think. Such a huge revelation for the Resident Evil universe feels wasted in this game, but who knows. There may be more to find.

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    • Limit Break

      Damn, how I miss that level of shitty, yet magically entertaining voice over…

    • Jason Mounce

      You are the Master of Unlocking!

    • Chris Hawk

      But chris….

      • Robert Shepard

        You were almost a Jill sandwich.

    • EliminatorKanesDad

      This house is dangerous, there are terrible demons. OUCH

  • Andy Maas

    I’m hearing this umbrella corps game sucks

    • Bulbatron

      Yes. Yes it does. 🙁

  • Tvirus Getz

    assuming this means he really is still alive:
    oh fuck off
    it’s bad enough they pulled the Wesker Children bullshit out of their ass in 5 as a way to keep the Wesker shit going even after he died. shit, it was really fucking obvious that that was why they introduced the stupid body hopping shit in Rev2, too.
    this would just be beyond fuckin idiotic.

    • If this is true, even considering how horrible and convoluted the games have become, then the writing in the movies isn’t half bad in comparison.

    • MikaiGamer

      you meant 6 not 5

      • gantarat

        He mean Wesker Children project.

  • gantarat

    i think it’s Krauser ?

    • Andrey Martim

      Krauser never was a higher up anywhere in his life. He was almost Wesker’s attack dog.

  • spike32

    DC Douglas posted on Twitter that he’s not in RE7 because Wesker is dead. But who knows, RE have such bad stories that they could just throw him in there.

    • Rourke Keegan

      Actually, he just said that Wesker wouldn’t know the answer to the finger puzzle because he’s dead. Nothing else beyond that.

  • Paul Birch

    I’ll provide an abridged version of Wesker’s history and involvement in Umbrella’s rival company so people can understand this plot point better, as well as an explanation for how Wesker could be alive that doesn’t contradict anything, though it is a lame and cheap plot point.

    First of all, “The Organization” is not a name. It’s simply “organization”, referring to the rival company of Umbrella, the owner of H.C.F. (Hive/Host Capture Force). Ada’s Report and the Report on Ada both provide backstory on it and its role in BIO4. It is not known if the organization in BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CORPS is the same company, or if it’s another. There are multiple companies mentioned in the game and we don’t know which is featured in “The Experiment”, or if it’s the original rival company.

    Medvedev (メドベージェフ社)
    Tenenti Inc. (アネンテイ社)
    Suntech Ninja Co. (サンテック•ニンジャ社)
    Suntech Samurai Co. (サンテック•サムライ社)
    Saurian Corporation (サウリアン社)
    Aeolus Edge West (アイオロスエッジ•ウェスト社)
    Aeolus Edge East (アイオロスエッジ•イースト社)
    Akembe Chemical (アケムべ•ケミカル)
    Rashid Sahir Industries (ラシード•サヒール工業)
    Shéng-Yā Pharmaceutical (神亜製藥 / シェンア製藥)

    In BIO1, Wesker’s plan was to steal the Tyrant and t-Virus to use as trump cards that he could not only use to threaten Umbrella and nations, but would provide as gifts to Umbrella’s rival company in order to become an executive and use the company’s resources for his goal of developing a virus for mass extinction and forced evolution on humans. In the end, he failed to acquire the Tyrant but obtained Umbrella B.O.W. embryos and combat data as well as the t-Virus, succeeding in joining the company but at a lower position than he needed.

    When Wesker joined the company in 1998, the top brass feared he was becoming too powerful and would end up destroying the organization from within. With each acquisition of Umbrella B.O.W. embryos, combat data, the t-Virus, G-Virus, t-Veronica and the G-Organism and Nemesis-T Type
    combat data, he rose within the company step by step.

    In 2002, he formed a collusive partnership with the Sacred Snakes crime syndicate. In 2003, he stole the Umbrella Archive and used it to make the rival company the leader on the B.O.W. market. However, fearing betrayal by the company’s top brass, he approached TRICELL executive Excella Gionne, judging her to be easily manipulated, and gave her the Umbrella Archive, t-Virus and t-Veronica, giving her the means to rise within the company and buying himself a position should he need it.

    At the time of BIO4, Wesker was not leading the rival company at this time. He was acting independently based on intel acquired by Ada Wong through her interaction with Los Iluminados researcher Luis Sera. In 2004, Wesker desired the Plaga to complete his ascension within the company and sent Krauser to acquire the dominant and subordinate species. When Krauser couldn’t get close enough, he sent Ada to covertly acquire it with his assistance. However, Ada was secretly ordered by the rival company to only send Wesker the subordinate species, giving them the dominant. This was to prevent Wesker from using it as a stepping stone to taking over the company.

    Wesker expected the betrayal and counted on Ada feeding his actions to the company. In the end, Ada’s betrayal dealt only a temporary blow to Wesker’s plan, as he ended up traveling to the village himself and recovering a dead dominant Plaga from Krauser’s corpse, which he cloned. And thus he took over the rival company completely. Having fulfilled one goal he moved onto another, to find Spencer. According to BIO5, in his attempt to find Spencer, he used all of the company’s power, money and time until he found out.

    After killing Spencer, surviving Jill’s sacrifice and having been filled with a firm vision of the future based on Spencer’s plan and the realization (via Chris and Jill) that there was still room for evolution, he went underground and returned to TRICELL. It is unknown if the rival company remained at this time.

    As for how Wesker can still be alive, the short answer is that he is not. He died in 2009. However, Abraham Jackson and Beatrice Bertrand belong to an organization in possession of the C-Virus. In BIO6, we learn that its ability to recreate organisms using designer strains can also be used for “cloning” a human with a genetically compatible host. Simmons achieved this in 2009 and cloned Ada Wong using Carla Radames as the host. It is possible that the organization has realized this potential also and a faction has cloned Wesker to regain their leader and continue his plan for human evolution by educating him in the same manner Carla was educated to become Ada in both body and mind.

    It is possible that we will be able to see character dynamics between Albert, Alex and Jake.

    • gantarat

      Shéng-Yā Pharmaceutical just got introduction on BIOHAZARD heavenly island.

      • Paul Birch

        Yes, I am the one who announced that to English fans.

        • gantarat

          you are Newbots ?

          • Paul Birch

            Yes, I’m News Bot.

    • André Paes

      Mate, just one question, where exactly does it says that wesker went to the village to retrieve the dominant plaga from krauser? I never saw this information and got curious.

      • Paul Birch

        “In 2004, he ordered Jack Krauser and Ada Wong to go there to steal a
        sample of the dominant species Plaga. Although meticulously planned,
        Krauser was cut down by Leon and Ada betrayed him, resulting in only
        obtaining a subordinate species Plaga sample. However, through another
        means of acquisition, he successfully obtained a “dead dominant species

        “As he was gathering information inside the cult, Krauser became
        enthralled by the strength of the Plaga. He inserted the dominant
        species Plaga into his own body, obtaining superhuman physical

        “The Plaga sample taken by Jack Krauser ends up in the hands of his employer Albert Wesker. [BH4]”

        • André Paes

          OW, so it was in the darkside chronicles the information. I’ve never played the game before. Thanks mate, also, some A-class explanation you got there, everything really precise. I just hope my fears about he coming back do not become real.

    • Brandoloneous

      Question, if you’re News Bot, then you know things. Do you know at all if the Outbreak HD re-release rumors are true? I must know!

  • MikaiGamer

    This title is NOT a canon entry already this is mistake

  • Limit Break

    In order for Resident Evil’s plot to be good you must make it campy and B-movie’ish. Because that is what Resident Evil always was, from the very start.
    And what is more B-movie’ish if not the resurrection of the old diabolical villain ? 🙂
    Wesker was and still is pretty much the only good villain that the series has spawned, sadly noone ever came close to being that entertaining that he was even able to “save” such games as RE5 on his own, solely because he easily stole every scene he was in.
    That is a power of a great B-movie villain.
    And I would prefer nothing more from a good Resident Evil game.
    So CAPCOM, D.C. Douglas, friends…
    Bring the bad guy back, so I can start loving RE all over again 🙂

  • Scott

    ….I love Wesker as a villain, but I would be pretty disappointed if he cloned himself or some shit and makes an appearance in Re7. It sounds so much like something Resident Evil would do though…lol. Surely they can make a new villain. C’mon folks.

    Who am I kidding…I’d enjoy seeing him again. D.C. Douglas for voice actor– or no sale.

  • AlanPartridge

    This article is promoting something that doesn’t exist. Albert Wesker is not alive. He appears in voice over in the game’s multiplayer modes as nothing more than a simple easter egg for the fans. He says nothing but generic terms such as ‘Good, let’s move onto phase 2 of the plan’, nothing terribly significant. The multiplayer aspect of the game is irrelevant and the time stamp for the events are based off a real time calendar.
    Now ‘The Experiment’ campaign takes place from 2012-2013 (not after RE6 as this article suggests) and is the only canonical part of the game. During this scenario, Albert Wesker is not seen, mentioned or heard, and the reason for this is, wait for it… because he’s been dead for three years. There are no Wesker clones and I’m surprised anyone is trying to promote such a desperate and appalling concept. The text entries from Abraham Jackson are ambiguous enough to tease and get people talking about who this commander may be. But it’s clearly not Wesker. It’s just yet another unnamed mysterious individual that people are scared of. Nothing so strange about that.

    • Rourke Keegan

      Resident Evil 6 takes place in late 2012 and early 2013, so does Umbrella Corps. So at worst, during.

      • AlanPartridge

        RE6 begins at the end of December 2012 then the main stories are set in mid 2013. UC begins March 2012 and ends in January 2013, so it clearly doesn’t take place after RE6 like your article reads.

        • Rourke Keegan

          “Set after RE6” was a direct quote from Capcom. “Umbrella Corps is set in the present day of Resident Evil, which means it’s after the events of Resident Evil 6. It’s almost in an ironic way that we’re using the title Umbrella Corps. If you know your Resident Evil lore, Umbrella no longer exists at this time in the universe; it’s been destroyed. There’s definitely a kind of a background of the Resident Evil universe that forms the basis of the game’s premise.”

          • AlanPartridge

            It may have been a quote from capcom. But to play the game it quite clearly reveals it is not set after RE6, doesn’t it? Therefore your article is mistaken.

            And Umbrella are dead you say? Spoiler alert!

          • gantarat

            multilplayer take place after RE 6.

          • AlanPartridge

            Multiplayer is real time. It means nothing. But if it is set after RE6 as you suggest, does that mean Abraham Jackson and Beatrice Bertrand are clones too, considering they both died during The Experiment?

          • Rourke Keegan

            There’s actually no evidence that that’s who those voices belong to, it was an assumption on my part.

          • AlanPartridge

            Yes, just like this entire article it would seem, yet it’s presented like it’s already been signed and sealed…

          • Rourke Keegan

            Goodness gracious you’re salty. Tell me- who do you think that the single-player is referring too? Are we to believe that there was yet another party involved in RE4 that we have no evidence of until now? Or are we to suppose that Krauser survived? Or maybe even Leon has turned evil! Wesker is the most logical conclusion of the information we have- barring an entirely new character being made up out of thin air.

          • AlanPartridge

            Wesker is the least logical because he is dead. There were many players behind the scenes of 4. One being the rival company, the other being Ada’s true employers. Why does this mysterious commander have to be a returning character? Why can’t it be just some ambiguous, shady individual who people are scared of? There are a million more possibilities more likely than a Wesker clone. Why couldn’t it just be whomever ordered Ada to betray Wesker for example? I just don’t understand the notion why it has to be a returning character. Of course, Capcom purposefully dropped hints to get people talking, but that’s all they are.

          • Aaron Helfer

            “Wesker is the least logical because he is dead.”
            Gee-willikers… it would be real damning to your point if he had “died” in a previous game…

  • NomelDane

    Well… D.C. Douglas vaguely confirmed this on his twitter, or at least that he(wesker) is invovlved in the campaign. So there’s a pretty good chance he’s actually back.

    • AlanPartridge

      No, there’s no chance because he’s dead and Capcom have confirmed on numerous occasions he will never come back.

      And as for Twitter, Douglas only last week confirmed Wesker would not be in RE7 because of the minor inconvienience that he happens to be dead.

      • RE games have B-movie schlock stories. It’s not out of the question.

      • Rourke Keegan

        Like when Wesker was dead for the first five years of Resident Evil history? Why is it so out of the question that Wesker, a guy who’s literally died and come back to life before, could be alive again. Plus, why would it matter what Capcom has said in the past? Writers change. Plans change. I’m sure Wesker wasn’t intended to come back the first time.

        • AlanPartridge

          Yes it is out of the question. Killing him once and bringing him back was questionable. To do it again is downright desperation. And to believe they would do what would be considered one of the monumental plot points in the series history in a spin-off multiplayer shooter they even admitted had no forward facing story, is ridiculous.

          Also, the writers haven’t changed. The team that made the comments about Wesker post RE5, are the exact same ones still heading up the series now.

          And according to Kenichi Iwao, Wesker was always intended to to come back right from the start.

          • Rourke Keegan

            Resident Evil 7 is written by an American, Alan.

          • AlanPartridge

            RE7 may have a western writer but it was Kawata, Kobayashi and Takeuchi that said wesker would never return, and they are still the producers of the series now.

            I’ll take Iwoa’s words over yours thanks. Especially as their are hints found in the extracted text of the original Japanese game and concept art of a resurrected Weaker floating around at the time REP had only just been released.

            It doesn’t matter about how many changes the series has had, it’s irrelevant. It’s about working with with they have to craft a good story, and they cannot do that with Wesker because he’s dead. Of course the likes of Jake and Alex were never planned, but they were created as a way to keep Wesker ‘alive’ so to speak in some form because even Capcom knew it would be too idiotic to bring him back alive yet again.

          • When has Capcom been concerned about RE having a good story? It’s schlock, always has been. It’s nonsense. It’s probably just a easter egg as you said, but we’re not talking about a series with well written stories at all. The last few releases have shown just how bad these stories can get.

          • AlanPartridge

            Up until RE5 at least, Capcom Japan were very careful with the story. But the shoddy localisation and lack of detailed supplemental material available in the West has hampered the storytelling dramatically. If you played through the entire series from start to finish, you are only experiencing 40% of the story. That admittedly is a fundamental problem, but it’s also a reason why so many dismiss it as shoddy rubbish. There’s been individual games with poor plot lines sure, but the original point is that for a series that is 20 years old with so many differing writing teams coming and going, it all holds together remarkably well, unlike say Metal Gear Solid for example.

          • Rourke Keegan

            What? Metal Gear Soid has one of the tightest continuities I’ve ever seen in a video game.

          • AlanPartridge

            But it doesn’t all fit together does it?

          • Rourke Keegan

            It really does. Like, bizarrely so actually.

          • AlanPartridge

            But it doesn’t. Even Kojima admits it so. Didn’t he even say in the build up to MSGV that there will be elements that contradict past games and character fates and histories altered? No such thing has ever had to be done with Resident Evil.

          • Rourke Keegan

            Point out something contradictory. I certainly can’t think of anything. Even with 5.

      • NomelDane

        Sure, but as others have mentioned, Capcom has retconned character deaths before (fx: Wesker’s original, Ada’s in RE2) to make room for new plotlines. And really, the series’ lore isn’t exactly known for consistency, so I don’t think it’s a stretch that Capcom might have changed their mind; Wesker’s still a pretty popular character after all. So in this case, you could actually say death is just a minor inconvienience 😉
        I’m not sure it’d necessarily be a smart choice, but I’m open to it.
        As for RE7, even if Wesker’s back, I doubt he will feature in the game. It’s supposed to be a clean slate, and the developer has already stated that it will focus on a new cast of characters.

        • AlanPartridge

          Ada was never shown to have definitively died, and her survival was even foreshadowed in the very same game, then confirmed in RE3. Not to mention she featured in the drama album penned by Capcom that at the time of release had no reason to be non-canonical. So her return wasn’t any form of retcon. Likewise with Wesker according to his creator.

          The series is renowned for incredible consistency actually. Barring minor hiccups (which is only to be expected when so many differing writers have had the keys to the franchise) the overall timeline is very well done and very consistent. There isn’t any major plot dependencies whatsoever, and that’s some achievement after 20 years and so many titles. I’m not saying it’s perfect by any means, but its a lot tighter and deeper than many people give it credit for.

          Whilst I’ve no doubt Capcom lament the decision to kill him off, they are certainly not bringing him back.

          People also seem to leave out the question of how he could actually be cloned. It took Simmons and Carla Radames 9 years and 12,225 test subjects before they could create Ada. So having a Wesker clone pop up out of the blue is just not conceivable. Not to mention the organisation in this game would not even have access to the C-Virus in 2012.

          And what of the multiplayer exactly? Have Abraham Jackson and Beatrice Bertrand been cloned too? Because we hear them as well as Wesker even though they both ‘disappear’ during The Experiment?

          • Rourke Keegan

            D.C. actually seems to have some info, he tweeted today that he’ll be making a blog post about the game, and that there will be some sort of RE7 hint.

          • AlanPartridge

            Sonething he has already backtracked on. Regardless I’m expecting he believed his dialogue would be for The Experiment, nnothing more than that. Hopefully his blog post puts all this silly business about resurrection and clones to bed.

          • NomelDane

            Spend some time reading up on lore, and you do make a pretty solid point concerning continuity. Even so, in an interview concerning RE6, a developer stated that they briefly considered bringing back Wesker, but ultimately decided that it would cheapen his death and the game, and they’ll probably keep that view in the future. My point is that it was still considered a possibility, even after his definitive death, to bring him back to the series. They might have come up with a way in which it would work plot-wise or simply changed their minds.
            Well, at first I thought the multiplayer rounds took place during the timeline of the experiment, and in that case it would make sense and support the theory, but it’s apparently determined by real time (?), so with Abraham, Beatrice and “Wesker” commenting, I’m a bit confused as to how cannon the multiplayer is, since they’re all dead by 2013 (disregarding this theory, of course).

            I don’t think it’d be impossible for the organization to have cloned him, given they had 4 years and most likely access to the same amount of subjects as Simmons. If they chose to go this route, I think the developers would use Uroborus instead of the C-virus and implement it like they did with Marcus and the leeches in RE0. Another theory is Wesker entering a cocoon-like state in the volcano, wrapped in a mutated-Uroborus (having gained the same heat resistance as Mr. X, I guess), and the Organization would then have retrieved the remains.
            That said, I think you’ve made a pretty good case for it just being a cameo, which is probably the more likely option.

            Tl;dr – the theory’s interesting, but you’re probably right in him staying six feet under (lava).

          • AlanPartridge

            They briefly considered bringing back Wesker, that is true, but then quickly realised it could never work and so quickly dropped it. RE6 had a lot of strange concepts to begin with such as multiple Ada clones with the reveal being that the Ada Leon met in 6 was different to the one from 4, which in turn was different from the one in 2. Thankfully they dropped that one too.
            I’m regards to the rival company cloning Wesker, they would have no reason to. They wanted rid of him because he was accumulating too much power. And the volcano thing would not work either. The primary weakness of Uroboros is fire and extremely high temperature. It would not have protected him against the lava in any way. Capcom also chose that particular death for him because it would show definitely there is no possible way for him to survive or come back.

          • Paul Birch

            There are significant hints in REV2 that Alex may have cloned Albert in some way.

            She refers to him as Gregor and likens herself to Greta, blaming herself for his death because she felt she abandoned him, as Greta abandoned Gregor. She resolves to not do this, but at first glance it appears there’s no way she can’t not do it since it already happened and he’s dead.

            However, RAID Mode’s system messages mention the “Gregor Project”, and the machine refers to the test subject as Gregor. The English version removes these references completely. Then in one of the files, she says that she will not abandon him and will “share in my true brother’s destiny.”

            As for the question of how he could be cloned, cloning has been a working concept since the first game, and as early as the 1970’s for human cloning in the timeline (like Metal Gear Solid). The Ashford twins and Sergei Vladimir are a notable examples. The C-Virus is another method, there are minor issues that make me sceptical, but they’re easily resolved by simply saying a sample was recovered during a bioterrorism incident, something that’s unavoidable since even a tissue fragment of an infected creature can yield the virus. It is how t-Veronica and the G-Virus are recovered.

          • AlanPartridge

            Those are not so much significant hints to cloning but rather random guesses based off ambiguous comments and phrases. They could literally be stitched together to help solidify 100 different theories regarding Alex and Albert’s relationship.
            Whilst it’s true cloning has been with the series since the beginning, Sergei was alive at the time and a willing subject, and the Ashford twins were not exact clones either. But the point is if cloning was so easy then I don’t see why Simmons would do it via the C-Virus which took 9 years and over 12,000 test subjects. There would have been easier ways to make a copy of Ada Wong if cloning was so simple.

            Also in 2012, the C-Virus was still a secret possessed only by The Family and Neo-Umbrella. No other organisation would have had it.

            This whole idea of a Wesker clone is an absolute joke and the evidence ‘for’ it is a genuine non-starter. I’m genuinely staggered people are still taking this seriously.

          • Rourke Keegan

            I’m kind of staggered that you’re still fighting this fiercely for something you have no control over and could very well turn out to be true regardless of what the studio has said in the past. We can all argue over and over again until doomsday, but the fact of the matter is- Umbrella Corps drops a bunch of Weskery hints that may or may not point to something going on with his character, from having the actor reprise his role to hints dropped in the single player story that really don’t point to anyone else but him with the information we have about what happened during Resident Evil 4. Could turn out to be true. Could turn out to be a misdirect. Could turn out to just be an idea that gets locked away in the RE vault for the next decade like Alex, Sherry, or the dozen or so other smaller plot threads that have still gone nowhere. But neither you or I can possibly be 100% right about this, until a definitive answer is given from either Capcom, or a future installment in the series.

          • AlanPartridge

            I can fight it quite easily because Albert Wesker is dead. Therefore, he cannot be in this game’s canon 2012-2013 Experiment campaign. It’s as plain and as simple as that. The definitive answer was already given at the end of RE5 and by Capcom many, many times since.

          • Rourke Keegan

            Just like he was in RE1. Gotcha.

          • Rourke Keegan
          • Paul Birch

            It’s ambiguous, sure, but there’s enough there to theorize on and there’s no problem with that.

            The Ashfords were clones of Veronica with a single gene modified. You don’t need to be alive to be cloned, and it’s easy to contrive a “someone had a DNA sample of Wesker” explanation since there’s plenty of ways he’d give one.

            If the C-Virus was used in bioterrorism then it wasn’t really a secret. But we have no information on it prior to Marhawa School. It can go either way. The point is that it’s not nearly as much of a secret as you’re implying, if it was it would be useless. The BIO6 epilogue shows that The Family has given the virus to at least one group in the Middle East. All anyone needs is a tissue fragment of any creature infected with it. They then have the C-Virus. Something that easy to acquire cannot be a secret for long.

            You mention the 12,000+ test subjects a lot but this is no longer relevant. It took that long because they’d yet to figure out that compatibility was necessary. Once Simmons did, it took a single experiment to clone Ada. I wouldn’t say the virus is necessary for it since accelerated aging is a popular way of getting around clone aging in science fiction (Parasite Eve 2 for example) but I’m just pointing out possibilities.

            There’s also no reason why The Experiment would utilize the C-Virus (and the official website would confirm its presence) if it wasn’t truly there. I find it rather odd that they would go to the lengths of providing explanations for the presence of the Raccoon and Antarctic maps but would just throw in that one singular piece with no explanation or relevance.

            Fact is, Wesker having a clone is not impossible, at all. The same can be said for any character at this point in the series. It’s lame and cheap and I don’t like it but there’s precedence for it and a number of ways it can pan out without contradicting anything.

          • AlanPartridge

            There’s no problem with theorising but there’s absolutely no evidence pointing towards a Wesker clone, it’s just an absolute stab in the dark.

            If Wesker was cloned then it would have been around 2011 at which point the C-Virus was a secret. It hadn’t yet been used and no one was aware of it other than the Family and Neo-Umbrella. It was only after Edonia in Dec 2012 did further C-Virus incidents begin to occur.

            The 12,000 subjects is relevant because you’d already pointed out that Sergei had been cloned easily, so why not Ada?

            I’ve played through The Experiment from start to finish and the C-Virus doesn’t feature at all. The ‘Bloodshoot’ isn’t even a bloodshot. It’s simply a recycled model with several lazy stylistic differences to make it appear as a random super zombie. In-game, it doesn’t look, act or sound like a Bloodshot, and all the zombies behave like t-Virus zombies.

            No one said a Wesker clone is impossible, it’s just downright pointless and extremely desperate if they ever did stoop that low. But nothing in this game suggests Capcom are going down this route. It’s just a case of fans trying to force a square peg into a round hole as usual.

          • Paul Birch

            The first documented use of the C-Virus is at Marhawa School in 2012. All they have to do is insert field tests prior to it, which no doubt occurred. There’s any number of ways they can contrive it.

            The C-Virus is directly mentioned on the official site for the game. It is otherwise a totally pointless reference if it’s not actually in the game in some form, and would be the only piece of story information that is out of place.

            C-Virus cloning allows a clone to be produced immediately with no additional interference or need for accelerated aging. Just insert the host DNA and inject it. It only took (at most) three years to additionally instill Ada’s personality.

            Additionally, the story in REV2’s RAID mode features an unknown character Alex is attached to just as much as she was to Albert. That’s cause for alarm, particularly when she talks about a project with her nickname for him and is training “Gregor” presumably after her death as the messages are actually the Red Queen Alpha vocalizing. The English version replaces all of this with some twisted mental SAW experiment.

            They’ve done super Zombies before, many times. All they had to do was reuse a Crimson Head or Licker. Instead they specifically used a C-Virus mutation. You’re right, it might be nothing, but there’s enough there to question. The faux-Bloodshot also only appears in maps directly related to the player’s organization. Maybe it actually is The Family? We presently have no way of knowing one way or the other.

            There is plenty in this game to give pause for thinking Wesker has a clone. Otherwise people wouldn’t start to believe as much. Whether it’s true or not, this speculation was quite obviously CAPCOM’s intention so you cannot chastise people for gravitating toward it when there’s nothing to firmly deny it. You are completely right that “Albert Wesker” is dead, however.

            I mean, before REV2 I’d never have believed digitizing consciousness and inserting it into another person would ever be a thing. Just as I thought MGSV wouldn’t have a magic plastic surgery body double plot. My expectations have significantly lessened these days. There’s enough room to speculate on these and despite your arguments (which are good) there’s nothing that definitively makes it impossible.

  • Xander

    I really hope RE7 has nothing at all to do with the rest of the series, aside from maybe a few references here and there (Umbrella Chopper picture, maybe some Umbrella or Tricell medicines somewhere, etc.)

  • C T

    I think this info would suggest HUNK more than anyone. But speaking of Wesker, I do hope Weskertalia makes a return as a main villain of the series someday.

    I like the concept of this game but man … why’d it have to be done so shittily.

  • Henrikm

    Yeah as other mentioned probably a Alex/Natalia scenario where as Albert has a new body?

  • Jonata

    Holy Shit they went there. Albert effin’ Wesker is BACK.
    I know I should probably be confused more than anything but I love Wesker too much to not be over-excited all over this. Wesker’s back you guys!!

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Wesker is a pretty terrible villain, not just in the fact he isn’t even a tiny bit scary. But he’s also overwhelmingly incompetent. Even with his Mary Sue level of powers and resources, he still fails his main objective in every major game he appears in, only for some convenient shenanigans in between games to luckily put him back on track.

  • Daniel Rojas

    Wesker in RE5 was the best thing to happen to that game.. they won’t be able to make that character be as cool as that twice..

  • Rancine Ouibulette

    I’m just spit balling here, so hear me out

    Throughout the single player, Beatrice begins to talk about HUNK and how 3A-7 is a lot like him. She also says HUNK would’ve been a good candidate for the CQBZ program. But given the supplemental material of Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella brainwashed HUNK pretty good and there’s no way to reprogram him.

    So at the end of the campaign 3A-7 survives his intended termination and makes all the backers and higher ups afraid of him. This organization now has their own HUNK.

    Since 3A-7 seems to be nothing more than a faceless soldier with no personality or any agency, one could say he’s a blank slate. Perhaps his uncanny ability to survive would make him a good candidate for being Albert’s new body?

  • jamol

    Wesker could of easily missed that rocket besides you really think they would kill off the main villian in resident evil like that? that wasn’t even a good enough death, Wesker has survived bigger things and has more to achieve and even so when u final completed that mission you knew deep down that not the end of wesker we all knew that not the end a rocket to the face would not kill him just because his face vanished that dont mean he gone for all we know him being combined with the urroboros he could of just hibernated himself his head could of just gone down into himself and he could of had a tiny piece of his speed left that picture showing the rocket going threw his head could been him moving like the agent smith did in matrix and besides let face it he didn’t look like he had a body in the end of it just looks like worms or leeches i would never be convinced that wesker died that easily because he didnt die that easily it like with ghost from MW2 he got a 44 magnum bullet to the face and burnt to death and people still think he coming back so bring back Albert Wesker because tbh the reasons why resident evil 6 was so so so shitty was because it didnt have a main villian like wesker the way he talks the way he fights the way he is he is legendary bring him back people these days are just to picky picky when this firstd happen people didnt care it was just more story and more series of the game to play i am a die hard fan of RE i like them all ALL!! Wesker come back home Amigo You got a Son waiting

  • Lorenzo James

    I was never surprised about Wesker coming back in Code veronica,if anything i was surprised at just how long it took them to work him back in..When the tyrant kills Wesker in the laboratory,if you go back into the room isn’t his body missing?? Or else i would have never expected him to return,it made sense for him to pull a “Birkin” before Birkin even did..but this whole clone idea is ridiculous..Umbrella chronicles will have you believe he was killed by the Tyrant on purpose,which feels like total BS

  • Skeletor

    Umbrella Corps isn’t canon

    • Rourke Keegan
      • Skeletor

        Nah, that still doesn’t prove anything bub, Umbrella Corps is just a bad unity game that nobody played

        • Rourke Keegan

          Since you bring it up again, Umbrella Corps. Is now known to tie directly into RE7’s story. So canon as canon can be, “bub”.

          • Skeletor

            You can keep believing that, it’s not gonna make it true

          • Rourke Keegan


          • Skeletor

            the people who think that Umbrella Corps is canon are the same people who think the live action movies are quality cinema

          • AlanPartridge

            Its canon. The proof is in the RE7 Beginning Hour demo. Deal with it.

          • Skeletor

            prove it

          • Skeletor

            also the demo has nothing to do with the main game so your “it’s canon” bs is null and void bub

          • Rourke Keegan

            The Begining Hour demo is canon the main game. Wtf are you talking about?

          • Skeletor

            No shit, I was talking about the “Umbrella Corps” shit that dong breath was talking about, so to reiterate, just because there’s an umbrella symbol on the helicopter in the photo doesn’t mean it’s neo Umbrella, it’ll more likely than not be a throwback to the og umbrella

          • Rourke Keegan

            No, it’s an Umbrella Corps. logo. I was confused at first as well, but it’s straight up the Umbrella Corps. logo. On top of which, the Umbrella Corps. logo is front and center on Resident Evil 7’s Japanese making of book.

          • Skeletor

            It is literally just a bad excuse to add shite fan fiction into Resi

          • TheAlbinoQuincy

            Umbrella Corps is cannon noob, look it up.

          • Skeletor

            The game is about as canon as the live action movies

          • Rourke Keegan

            It’s incredible how long you’ve been at this.

          • Skeletor

            Right back at you chump

          • Rourke Keegan

            I work here. I think it’s funny you keep coming back and arguing about something that literally is unarguable.

          • Skeletor

            The organisation may be canon but the piece of shit game isn’t

          • Rourke Keegan

            My name is commander Shepard, and you’re my favorite commentor on the citadel.

          • Skeletor

            Nice memes, think of that one yourself

  • zpac17

    I believe krauser survived re4

    • Rourke Keegan


  • railmacher

    With one of the theories hanging out there on the “Redfield” character in RE7 being a clone, it’s possible a clone of Wesker is overseeing the Umbrella Corps. I believe that the original Wesker died at the end of RE5, but there may be someone else pulling the strings who may have created Wesker’s clone and Redfield’s clone to work in Umbrella Corps. Both men’s original templates are two of the most capable soldiers out there, one a superhuman who has unique immunity and adaptability to viruses, and the other one a resourceful and battle hardened veteran with years of combat experience against bio-organic weapons. And remember, no matter what official sources may say Wesker is dead, but they never said that there can’t be a clone of Wesker. And if it is really the original Wesker who survived past RE5, it would be his sick joke to create a “Chris Redfield” clone who would serve loyally for him instead of opposing him.

    • Rourke Keegan

      I really, really, really, really don’t think that ‘Redfield’ is a clone. My opinion is that it’s HUNK, or at the very least 3A-7 from Umbrella Corps. Either way, he’s just lying on the off-chance that Ethan will know his name. He looks nothing like Chris, and regular old Chris is back for RE: Vendetta. I don’t know if Wesker’s been cloned, but I also equally doubt that they’re done with him, especially after RE7 dropped a few ties to Wesker (his gun, which should have gone in the volcano with him, HCF having been involved with E-001). We’ll see.

  • AlanPartridge

    God is this Wesker clone shit really still going…

  • Pdie


  • Bakougan

    What a retarded article… they gave him that ridiculous death where he fell in lava and even received a RL directly in his face and now they say hes alive?? umbrella corps is a joke of a game it amuses the veterans with this kind of bullshit.


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