Alexia Ashford (4 forms)

Alexia Ashford

Alexia Ashford is the granddaughter of Edward Ashford, co-founder of Umbrella. She was born alongside Alfred Ashford in 1971, as a result of the Code: Veronica project, performed by Alexander Ashford in the Antarctic Research Facility. She was created using the DNA of their ancestor Veronica Ashford, and placed into the egg of a surrogate mother fertilized by Alexander. As an embryo, Alexander also manipulated the gene for intelligence, making her a genius but also sociopathic. She graduated from University aged 10, and appointed head researcher by Umbrella. She began research into ants and ant hives, and she discovered an ancient virus found within a Queen Ant. Upon merging this with the Progenitor virus, she created the T-Veronica virus. When Alfred and Alexia found out the true nature behind their conception, they used their father Alexander as the first test subject for the T-Veronica virus. It had adverse effects, so he was chained underneath the Antarctic Facility. After analysing the virus and deciding she’d need 15 years in cryostasis to co-exist with the virus, at 12 years old, she imprisoned herself in a cryogenic chamber. She’s now emerged, deadlier than ever.

Mutation 1

Alexia’s host body has now become immune to and fully co-existent with the T-Veronica virus, seemingly giving her the ability to mutate at will. Her blood now combusts with air, which she uses as a tactical weapon. She also doesn’t share the pyrosensitivity of other B.O.Ws, because she is infected with Progenitor. It is never shown if she suffers the same photosensitivity of other Progenitor infected B.O.Ws, although it is unlikely because Nosferatu didn’t share this trait. She can also control the infected ant hive using pheromones. She has also grown mutant growths around her body.

Mutation 2

After sufffering heavy damage, Alexia mutated into something more reminiscent of a Queen Ant, with an enlarged abdomen. Her huge mass is capable of creating small offspring which can sprout a tentacle to attack you, and she also has two large tentacles either side of her biomass which can attack as well. She also sprouts wings resembling a dragonfly, as opposed to arms. She has now lost any humanoid resemblance.

Mutation 3

After being injured farther, Alexia detached herself from her abdomen, as a Queen Ant would when looking to reproduce. She now emits a flammable vomit, and is very agile. She resembles a dragonfly. She is killed by Chris in this form with a Linear Launcher, designed as an anti-B.O.W weapon. Her remains were incinerated by the Antarctic facility’s destruction.

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