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Valve Pipeline video shows L4D3 map


Valve is a very secretive company that doesn’t like to disclose information, so whenever some of it does leak out, it becomes big news. The same is true this time around, as some of the folks on NeoGAF managed to spot a few Left 4 Dead 3 files in one of Valve’s Pipeline videos, which are meant to show budding developers how things work in the games industry.

The video in question was from illustrator Andrea Wicklund and showed how she draws an image from scratch. It’s a very interesting video and her drawing is pretty sweet, but it seems fans were more interested in the brief moment where her files are visible. if you look carefully, you can see some files relating to the Left 4 Dead franchise. When she moves her cursor over one, it also clearly states it was last edited on the 12th of July, 2012.

Whether Left 4 Dead 3 is truly in development or not will remain an enigma for now, but below you can watch Andrea’s video and spot this latest piece of evidence for yourself.


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