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The Darkness 2 to have a 4-player multiplayer mode

Announced in flashy fashion is the new Vendettas mode for The Darkness 2. At first, I was a bit annoyed that a four player multiplayer mode was being forced into this game. The first’s multiplayer mode was god-awful and felt beyond forced. But after watching the trailer and checking out the information on it, I am interested.

Vendettas puts players in control of Jackie’s squad. Each person in the squad has a unique skill set. As expected, each person’s skill results in a lot of bloodshed.

Inagumi has a darkness powered samurai sword; Shoshanna has a souped up gun; Jimmy Wilson uses an axe to cut foes; and lastly, J.P. DuMond uses voodoo magic to curse his enemies.

The Darkness 2 has definitely stepped up it’s multiplayer offerings. I look forward to trying it out once the game releases on February 7th.


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