EA: Mikami/Suda 51 game to be unveiled next week

EA has just announced, in Japan, that the much talked about Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 game will be revleaed next week at their company focused pre- TGS event: EA Tokyo Showcase 2010. Why is this being posted on ROH? Well other than the fact that Mikami is the father of Resident Evil and Suda 51 being in the same position for Killer 7, it’s known that this may be a horror title. A while back , when this project was at it early stages, it was stated to be a multi-platform release. We’ll find out concrete details on this project next week, September 15, at EA’s event. Here’s to hoping this game brings some real horror back to the industry, just like Dead Space did when it hit. At least it’ll get the mood right with the musical score, since the amazing Akira Yamaoko, of silent hill game, is said to be composing this title. All this sounds like it may turn out to be a survival horror classic. We’ll wait and see, more info as it comes.


Kudos to Lunatika from http://www.shdownloads.com.ar/ for the pic!

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