Command an army of zombies on your smartphone in "World Zombination" - Rely on Horror

Command an army of zombies on your smartphone in “World Zombination”


We have seen a few strategy games involving zombies come out in recent times, including the recently-updated Virus 14. Even so, World Zombination is worth a try, as it offers strategic, faction-based warfare with a colorful artstyle and can run on your smartphone.

Maybe I need to get with the times, but playing a game that looks like this on a phone kind of baffles me. World Zombination has you pick between fighting as the zombies or the survivors and both of these factions have a variety of different units that can be spawn, each with their own tech tree that allows you to further improve their abilities. Players can team up to stand together against their foes or fight to compete over control of the game’s many cities.

The game is available for iOS and recently came out for Android devices as well. Those who prefer their strategy games on a computer will have to wait a bit longer, as the Mac and Windows versions are scheduled for later in 2015.

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