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Capcom Shows Off 20-Minutes of Dante Gameplay For Devil May Cry V

Dante Devil May Cry

Yesterday, the official Devil May Cry Youtube Channel live-streamed twenty minutes of Dante gameplay, which is our first extended look at Dante’s playstyle. Needless to say, the game looks pretty damn good.

The livestream covered showcased Mission 11 and was played on normal difficulty; you can view the video yourself at the link below, but here are a bunch of details from the livestream I took note of.

  • Styles and Style Switching are returning, Gunslinger, Swordmaster, Trickster, and Royal Guard are confirmed.
  • The weapons Dante were using were his standard Rebellion Sword, Balrog Gauntlets, and his now Motorcycle Swords.
    • The Motorcycle Swords appear to have very solid juggling capabilities.
  • The firearms used were Dante’s Ebony & Ivory, and his Shotgun.
    • When using Ebony & Ivory, the player has the ability to control the directions in which each pistol is aimed, allowing for multiple enemies to be targeted.
  • There appears to be some form of running/speed boost mechanic, although it is unclear if there is a dedicated ‘sprint’ button or if this is an effect that will take place after the player runs in one single direction for an extended period of time.
  • The player during the livestream passed by an upgrade station briefly. The surrounding glowing particle effect made the stations to be more visually reminiscent of the combat adjudicators from Devil May Cry 3, although you obviously won’t have to pull off neat combos before upgrading your character. Just give Capcom money instead.
    • Another likely coincidence is that one of the demon generals looked and fought similarly to Neo Angelo from the first Devil May Cry, although this could easily be me trying to see connections where there is none.
  • A Secret Mission was shown off early in the livestream (remember it’s location for when the game comes out), the objective of the mission was to maintain an S style rank until the end of the mission’s duration.
    • The new style rankings are looking sexy as hell.
    • The demonic voice from DmC that would occasionally call out the names of the higher style ranks will be returning in DMCV.
  • The host of the livestream wasn’t allowed to show any cutscenes which means no real substantial story content, although a few details can still be gleaned from the gameplay.
    • Demon tentacles have been spouting out across all over the city (Resident Evil 5 style), this is certainly tied to the actions of the main antagonist. It also seems like a major chunk of DMCV will be taking place in the city.
    • At one point in the mission, Dante is complaining about ‘not being able to catch a break’, and ‘having just woke up from a long nap’. This to me suggests that there isn’t much of a time gap from when Dante escapes hell to the beginning of DMCV.
    • Furthermore, we know that the mission being streamed was Mission 11. Because it seems like Dante just got out of hell, this could mean that the missions are divided up between several characters (similar to Nero and Dante from DMC4), which would explain why it feels like Dante is just now getting involved in the game’s events. Alternatively, this could mean that the first several missions of the game could take place in hell, documenting how he manages to escape.
    • While cutscenes weren’t allowed, a few seconds were shown before the player was able to skip them. The only detail I could glean was that Dante was wielding the Force Edge (the sword of his father Sparda), as opposed to the Rebellion he was using during gameplay. As to what this could mean, I have no idea.
  • A new instrumental battle theme can be heard during the boss battle at the end of the mission.

And that is about all of the new stuff I was able to see. It’s still pretty crazy to me that this game is actually getting made, and that almost everything I want from a DMC game is going to be here.

That being said, there is a lot of gameplay footage here. Did I miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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