Capcom Finally Puts Out Official Guide To Solving The RE7 Demo’s Secret

Hey, neat.

While there have been tons of theories, attempts at explanations, and more, it’s still been trial and error trying to figure out how exactly to solve the finger puzzle in Resident Evil 7: Begining Hour. Lots of people have reported trying even the best-known solutions, and still come up empty. Well, finally, Capcom themselves have officially answered the question with an official video explaining the best way to acquire the special Dirty Coin item.

Interestingly, one of the main elements everyone had been assuming about this puzzle turns out to have nothing to do with it. Most guides I saw included having to spot the ghost girl in the VHS world at least once, but it turns out we don’t need to watch the VHS at all. Welp, that’s some wasted effort on quite a few people’s parts. At least now we have an official guide.

YouTube video

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