Version 2 is now online - Rely on Horror

Version 2 is now online

Besides trying to bring you all the latest happenings in the horror gaming industry we’ve also heaviely been working on a new layout for Rely on Horror. The main goal was to have a better fitting horror layout compared to the bright one we had before. With this, we also switched our main content management system to have a more clean and more simple appereance. Some of you may miss a few features like creating own blogs or posting in forums, these things have been cut off simply because they wheren’t of much relevance for our visitors in the past. Generally i think we’re more a magazine than a community site (yet) therefore including all kinds of social networking features don’t make sense. Especially seing the growth of Twitter and Facebook and its heavy usage compared to popular messageboards these days makes me overthink things. That doesn’t mean we wont have forums in the future. If we do, we’re going for a perfect one though, but thats only if its on demand. Let us hear your opinion on this via commenting below.

Commenting is now possible without having to login or register, this way we want to try to get more opinions and discussion going on the site. This may or may not be temporary.

You should also find all previous content (despite older news) via the category menu on top. Since E3 has already started we wanted to have this layout life before our coverage starts, please bare with us if you find some bugs and other issues the next days. Some of them we’re aware of and others not, so please note them down in the comments in any way please.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and  the simplified usage of the site. Please look forward to some horror related E3 coverage in the next days!

We’re also working on a bunch of other new features we will deliver over the next weeks so stay tuned and rely on Horror!

~ Owner/DaMa

Image Copyright  Chet Zar

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