Resident Evil Revelations 2 will have no ties to first game, offline co-op only


4gamer recently sat down with three producers behind Resident Evil Revelations 2: Kawata, Okabe and Anpo. They discussed what players can expect from the game when its first episode hits sometime early next year.

First off, we have confirmation that the sequel will have no connection at all to the first Revelations, which is honestly somewhat disappointing to me, especially with how that game ended with its epilogue scene. The game will have players exploring various locations on the fortified island that’s been shown off.

Moira Burton, 20 years of age, is described as being unstable, making her and Claire’s team-up a little rocky at first. Moira won’t just be a secondary character, though, she’s actually going to figure largely into the game’s story. And I’m still betting on her Daddy getting his own playable scenario as a bonus mode!

The producers then move on to talk about some of the mechanics. It will be possible to switch between characters when playing single player. And while co-op will be available in the game, it will only be offline, which may come as a surprise.

Concerning the game’s slogan “evil is watching”, the producers reveal that there’s a third person (as expected) monitoring Claire and Moira using cameras set up all around the island. We will also be getting a more traditional horror experience with this game, where the focus isn’t on shooting all the time. Players will even start the game without any weapons at all.  And speaking about the game’s new Afflicted enemies, the producers state that more information on them will be coming soon.

[Source, via Biohazard France]

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  • So just like the first game which saddles you with a coop partner that’s not playable online, they’ll be doing the same here for what? The sake of trying to be scarier?

    If there’s going to be an AI partner running around anyway, you might as well put online co-op in. It’s not playing with a friend that hurts the horror vibes, it’s being with another character to begin with. If you want isolation and terror, make it one character that’s helpless.

    • Mila

      And Capcom Defenders blame the fans , see .. this is why I’m losing faith in this company , they basically DON’T LEARN
      Literally everything is wrong in this game from the episodic aspect to Co-op to of course ms Lara Crof- i mean new Claire face , the heads who lead Capcom since 2005 Hates how successful Capcom past is , the fans on the other hands adores their past .

      • Shane

        If it was up to the fans Claire would look like a barbie doll in her 30’s. This fan base is weirdly attached to characters faces.

        • Mila

          At least the Barbie doll face will justify Claire look even more than being a completely different person , Keep in mind women’s who reach 30 Does Not have that look at all .. Claire current look is the look of a 40’s old teacher who In the last years of her retirement , don’t bring to me that ” She’s been through some S*** ” No she’s been through nothing since the movie , in fact she was perfectly fine regardless of her plastic surgery barbie looking doll

          • Shane

            She is a member of Terrasave, so she has in fact been on a constant fight all these years.

            Having a barbie doll face is the most unrealistic approach to women, a trend this industry is finally starting to correct, women without makeup have many faults with their skin, it’s why they wear concealing makeup in the first place.

            I’m sorry if you are gonna miss the unrealistic appearance of Claire, but she is just following the same shift that Leon and Chris has in recent years.

            Women are finally being portrayed as they should in this medium.

          • ariessiren

            well said.

        • DarkDreamT2

          I’d prefer the model used in degeneration myself.

      • Liam Mountain

        her face looks fine she is just showing her age, she can’t be super young and sexy forever , man some of these gamers have weird attachments to these characters lol.

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Every new article about this game makes it look more and more like Capcom trying to gain a couple dollars and nothing more. This game is going to be horrible.

      • Liam Mountain


        • Jeremy Kaminski

          Brilliant and intelligent response as usual.

    • Jason Mounce

      It simply sounds like Capcom doesn’t want to validate the responsibility of hosting servers for a game they feel won’t garner enough consumers/revenue. They’re being lazy and half-assing a good concept by insinuating the consumer is not worth the effort of them doing something special for us because they’re either a) holding it back for another game down the future as an add-on trump card to a sequel of the series that is lacking features that seem like it SHOULD be the norm. Like how Sports games have features removed and added-on but never all-in-one because then no one would ever need to buy the next game if the game they have ‘This year’ is The all-in-one game with all features.

      Or it’s just server costs are only warranted on projects that they foresee will get a lot of players and that it will last a long time – or the opposite that they don’t want to run a server for a long time.

      Nonetheless, none of the reasons are a positive one.

  • andybam

    Maybe something got lost in translation and they mean the co-op is ONline only.

    • Jan Compaf

      lets hope, no online coop will lower the chances of being bought by me

  • Guest

    That’s a shame really, but I’ll get a buddy to do this if there are any cheevos attached to it. I’m with CJ Melendez on this, there’s no excuse.

  • Tvirus Getz

    “Lets call it Revelations 2 but it’ll have nothing to do with the first one”

    Jesus christ capcom, learn to continuity

  • Carl Johnson

    So why is this Revelations 2 if it is not a follow up to Revelations 1? Is it because they didn’t want to call it 5.5?

  • Shane

    The game is called Revelations because it’s intended as a spin off series that shows events in the timeline. No online co-op? that’s a strange one.

    Media from the TGS show floor demo should be hitting quite soon so let’s just wait and see how Moira is handled. The information we have so far seems like she has actual use unlike Parker.

  • Jon Fabeck

    Does anyone think this might follow the Alex Wesker storyline from Resident Evil 5? Revelations 2 takes place on an island facility, and the last think known from Alex Wesker is he was working on a project for Spencer on an island and never heard from again. My only doubt would be that Capcom hasn’t been connecting storylines between the games anymore.

  • Jan Compaf

    No online coop because they dont want to pay for servers.
    RE6 is already dead online and Crapcom must think its RE as a whole at fault not RE6 fault.
    btw there are more ppl playing RE5 online than RE6 even now after all this time RE5 was released and RE6 is already dead so i guess Crapcom isnt betting on online anymore
    Its like that time when they accused RE fans of being too old for RE games and that they dont know what they want
    Crapcom is so off lately, i think they might commit Seppuku soon

    • ariessiren

      seriously the crapcom is so overused if your not going to contribute positively then dont contribute at all. so sick of the negativity with you people. grow up

      • Jan Compaf

        oh excuse me
        is that better?

        seriously stop being a blind fanboi

  • Dfs

    A single player experience. I’m ok with that. That’s imo how these games should be handled from now on. Games like this should be a personal experience. Raid mode will cover the co op part.

  • ariessiren

    yes! i miss the single player experience everything is too online multiplayer these days. and the story always suffers for it. so looking forward to this.

  • ariessiren

    all that online stuff costs money. this is mainly a single player experience. thank god for that.focus on the story and gameplay more.

  • Andy

    Then what is the point in calling it Resident Evil Revelations 2 if it has nothing to do with the first game?

    • darbz

      That’s what I thought at first, but similar to Umbrella/Darkside chronicles, they’re both just ‘digests’ revealing (hence Revelations) stories/plots that have fallen in between the main numbered games. My guess, anyway. But, to the average fan, they will assume it’s a direct sequel.

  • saw some of the offscreen gameplay from TGS 2014. So far I like most of the changes. Claire can crouch and evade, Camera aim view is improved. also, It seems that you can switch characters any time? I hope it is (reminds me of RE0)

  • ArC

    Remember, guys, that classic RE was an SOLO game. RE should be SOLO game

  • Wesker

    Why co op again…

  • Omoi

    I’m really disappointed that this game doesn’t support online co-op (I’m certain I’m not the only one). But the most boggling thing I’m wondering is why did they name it ‘RE: Revelations 2’ when it’s not related to the first game?

    Much love to Capcom, they’re great guys, but it seems like they’re just capitalizing off the first title by naming it Revs. 2 just for the sake of making money.

    I’ll definitely enjoy the game but jees, what a mess…

  • nickm

    Would have bought this along with a friend for the online co-op. Now not going to bother at all.

  • Lore

    Does anybody know how I can contact Capcom to let them know that I cancelled my preorder once I looked at the calendar and realized that it’s 2015 and they’re about to release a co-op savvy game that’s limited to only local co-op. And that I laughed afterwords and told the Gamestop employee that he could keep the 5 bucks and put it towards any preorder other than Revelations 2.


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