Rumor: Resident Evil 6 logo revealed, official details coming on September 15th

I’m not one to post rumors, but this right here seems like the real deal. We were sent the image you see below by akiraodasan from our forums who was able to attend a behind-closed-doors Capcom press conference (much like the one we were able to attend at E3 2011) at Comic Con, which is still going on as of this writing.

The image shows off Resident Evil 6’s official logo and also the following date: September 15, 2011. That’s when we’re expected to receive official details from Capcom on this highly anticipated game. A full return to horror, or not? We’ll find out at TGS in just a few months. But for now, this rumor must be taken with a big grain of salt.

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  • tight hunk or wesker after this end the series and than full blown reboot

  • No.

    Someone also sent me an image the behind-closed-doors Capcom press conference.

    Confirming that RE7 is in production for WiiU. unfortunately, i can’t upload the poorly Photoshopped jpg to show everyone on this pseudo-blog with a long history of no credibility.

  • nemesis91286

    The 6 reminds me of RE4 because the way the 4 was presented, But still looks promising. I hope to see zombies in this new entry.


  • Elyssa

    This made my day.

  • Emilia

    OMG I am soo excited! Hopefully Claire is the main and maybe a Leon and Claire reunion. Please Capcom, I hope that Sherry is in this too and we can finally close out her story

  • Zack Furniss

    😀 my birthday!! I just squealed

  • derkkred12

    The six looks like blood splatters! please let there be lots of blood and screams!

  • Foxtrot 813

    Crapcom will cancel development because the community isn’t helping with the project.

  • KoRnCreep

    Yeah!!! 🙂

  • grenadeh

    lolol because the community isn’t helping. Which by their definition would mean we are screaming our asses off like we have been for 9 years about every decision they make, and criticizing them along the way. Resident Evil 6 will be garbage, mark my words – you saw me say it first. Garbage, no zombies, no survival horror aspects, and Claire won’t be in it, or Sherry.

  • Henrik

    As said in previous RE6 does not have high hopes for RE 6 if they dont do a significant change,hope one step back too horror and less action.

    Also want Claire back and with her Sherry dont know if wan Leon back again he was feat in both RE4 and darkside chronicles new story and upcoming movie(again) would rather see someone else maybe Barry seeing he is Chris old partner and probably know Claire.

    Or maybe a Chick RE Claire,Sherry and Rebecca or Ada.

  • y do people think its going to suck

  • at any given moment people can step bit up

  • SzymonekOZ

    Please, let this one be true. And capcom, please- bring us back to Raccoon City, but not the shity way like in Operation RC. Fear, terror, outbreak- every bullet counts. That’s the way it should be played. In graphics and gameplay from RE5.

  • yuri


    I hope!

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  • Dan

    OMG so excited!

    Sherry HAS to be the lead.

    1. Because it’s gotta be a female lead
    2. We need to know what happened to her after RE2.

  • Brandon Roediger AKA Qwatwaffle

    Claire is a whore, Emilia. Jill is why everyone plays Resident Evil.


  • Brandon Roediger AKA Qwatwaffle

    Ada would make a cool main character, switch up the game from a different view. Tell us more about what happened not a whole new story.

  • NickMooMoo

    I wonder if Sherry will get gangbang raped in this one like she did in RE4

  • I hope to make it like Resident Evil 1 & 2.
    ALL others, just suck.

  • ShinobiOfTheWind

    As much as I doubt it , can’t stop believing there will be a sequel. Not because of the source , but the sheer appetite of Capcom this gen on mankind’s greatest invention as of yet , $$$.

    If it wasn’t for the fighting game IP’s it owns ( The only genre of titles which were arguably better than it’s predecessors ) the interwebz latest meme would’ve been ” Activision 2.0 – The Crapcom Protége “.

    Bring back favorites Claire , Billy , Steve , Rebecca or spoil a character like Sherry with a humorous writing , half-baked lolworthy gameplay mechanics or perhaps using her adolescence to boost numbers , the fans of the franchise have already faced the truth and understood the way the studios are headed towards , period.

    Make no mistake , Biohazard 4 & 5 were the commercially successful titles in the franchise so far. The scene is pretty horrific from a purist’s POV but generates revenue 10 folds than the prequels to the publisher and the most hard & bitter truth is that more than 80% of the players complaining will end up buying ( let alone Limited Editions ) this expansion pack in a box with a manual for $60. People on the internet think that Battlefield 3 will blow away MW3’s numbers but both DICE @ EA & IW @ Acti know it’s the other way around. The general consensus CANNOT be changed in a very short span of time.

    Anyway they were gonna announce this eventually so not surprised at all , and that too Takeuchi confirming the series reboot last year.So Setpember 15th or not we’d have to wait and see for the source’s credibility but I believe it will because of the developer’s association with TGS for big reveals.

    P.S. The reveal trailer of DmC , made me shed a tear for one of the greatest franchises and a legendary protagonist now at the hands of a Western developer being ” Westernized ” with super-cool Vampire charisma with an amazing physique , one-liners even Joel Schumacher wouldn’t use , gameplay that was outsmarted by Devil May Cry 2 almost a decade ago and I’m sure Kamiya and Mikami after seeing it would’ve ROTFLTAO.

    P.P.S. Talk about expansion packs , The ” Lost in Nightmares ” DLC for Biohazard 5 was actually miles better than the main story/campaign itself sticking to the Biohazard roots ( Well…. trying to at least… ) and the 2nd one ” Desperate Escape ” returned to the present RE dimension of ” Contra-fied Third-Person Left4Dead ” . So , I’d rather buy the game hoping nothing more than what this gen offered without falling into the ” 12-year-old DIY ” Viral marketing hype and wait for the 1st DLC hit ( Well , 2nd technically with the first one being the ability to unlock the MP code for extra money which is already on the disc ) .

  • hope capcom brings back the zombies like in resident evil 1 & 2 that would be awesome. l wonder who will be in this one this time. l sure like to see sherry brikin again, what she’s up to maybe she’s in college now, or kicking zombie butt who knows l don’t know but, l thought she would be in RE5 l thought it would be her or claire. l was wrong. l want to see what the game trailer but, for right l have to see important detail when 9/15 comes out this fall after the summer break.

  • Leon S. Kenndy should return to Resident evil 6 bring him back

  • keoni redvalentine

    man iam so much a fan of rsident evil iam excited i just cant hide it lol

  • Henrik

    This would probably star Leon(again) though I rather see another cast. He star will shine in Damnation and he was feat in the new plot in DSC,Degenaration and RE4 before that.

    I rather see Claire on her own or with a older Sherry Birkin to finally end the mystery of her and or Becca or Barry seeing as the later two was partner of Chris they probably know of Claire by now.

    Or a chick game Claire,Sherry and Ada yet again after Sherry and maybe her G-virus remnants inside her.

    Anyone is fine but not Leon again getting tired that Capcom made him the poster boy of the series.

    Resident Evil its called but guess as they changed gameplay will change title too aswell to Leon evil or Resident of Leon.

  • werd

    This better not star Leon…or Chris. They’ve become too strong, too familiar with the conflict. I want somebody who is new and confused. I want a character that is absolutely terrified and scared. Using the same recycled characters is exactly what watered down RE5.

    The only character they could possibly use to fill those shoes is Sherry. Following Sherry years after the Raccoon incident and having her relive the nightmares from that experience would be a _good_ start, but not the best. I really want a full reboot.

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  • MArk

    Just hope it has 2 player split screen co-op like RE5. Me n our lass love it.

  • cmiksch

    I am excited for this too.

    Also, to the administrators or anyone else on this website. Is there a way to post a seperate blog, without going to the other site. I wan to post a really cool Resident Evil idea and add-ons to the series which I’m sure a lot of fans on here would like as I am a huge fan myself.

    I want my blog to be for this website, and not the link to the other website.
    I apologize, but I’m having a hard time finding my way around this website. I’ve been checking this website day on and day off for a couple years on news on a RE 6, which I’m hyped for.

    -Thank You

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  • matt

    they need to have sherry claire in it or bring back rebecca and billy from zero.

  • Leon or chirs anything can make this perfection

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  • DarkFyre13

    This is good and all, but what does it say under the logo, right above the date?

  • fuck the worthless characters leon or chris is perfect maybe a new villain to many characters kil some off

  • Chocobo

    I want Claire and Leon to be in this.

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  • Leelichanwoojaafatyu

    i hoping w/ a reboot comes new characters and story. not just a retelling of the same story w/ same characters cause if they do that why don’t the just repolish, and update the graphics of the 1st one again, or the 2nd and 3rd? but, yea hopefully a reboot equals new characters and new story line unconnected to the rest of them.

    more than likely capcom has probably forgotten about sherry, and the story line that involved her.

    But, if they do continue the story from the previous games i would like to see Chris, Leon, Barry, Claire, Ada, Sherry, Jill, Sheeva or whoever killed off. like permanently. and i know im gonna get backlash, but i say this not because i dislike the characters cause i find them enjoyable, but because of the nature of this type of game, or maybe one of our heroes is corrupted and becomes the bad guy. but, i still want one of these main characters die. cause in a horror survival game with as many sequels as this one. someone eventually would get killed. and i don’t think they should discriminate on who should die based off of popularity. i would like leon to have as much of a chance of being picked to die as chris or claire or jill or w/e.

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  • Maquiavel

    Hahaha Cool to see that happening again.


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