No Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 6

The famous and lovable(?) main antagonist of the Resident Evil series, Albert Wesker, is next to confirmed to not have a role in Resident Evil 6… Or at least having a role that matters. D.C. Douglas, when asked if he’ll be returning to play big series baddie Wesker in Resident Evil 6 after his wonderful performances in Resident Evil 5 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, confirms, “I have not recorded any VO for this game. It still looks pretty damn good.”

Now this is just a little theory we have on our hands, but we think there might be a distinct possibility Albert Wesker doesn’t play a role in the game on the account he’s dead. Capcom did state after the release of Resident Evil 5 that he was “definitely” dead. While one could say maybe they haven’t pulled him in for recording sessions yet, or they got a different voice actor for Wesker, this however doesn’t seem very by any account. D.C. Douglas last year expressed his desire to have a role in RE6, and beyond that it looks like recording for the game has already been completed. Between the voice roles being labelled on a few voice actors personal resumes late last year under completed projects, or the fact that almost every other big Resident Evil character seems to have a role that is being voiced by their recent voice actors (Chris still voiced by Roger Craig Smith, Ashley Graham still seems to be voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, the only voice actor we’re not sure is returning is Leon’s, but then it might be his voice actor from Operation Raccoon City), it seems Wesker will be sitting this game out. Or at least not have a speaking role if he makes a cameo appearance ala Darkside Chronicles.

That’s not to say we won’t have Alex Wesker from Lost in Nightmares in it, though. We have a lot about Resident Evil 6 coming at you later today, so hold on tight for analysis and more details.

We’ll continue to bring you Resident Evil 6 news as it comes.

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  • liam

    hope he is dead time for a new villan maybe even ada

    • Nick

      isn’t ada already a villian?

  • Henrik

    Yeah hope RE6 is not yet another prequel like Revelation taking place before RE5.

    I want the story to move foward now to the present after Alberts death.

    Dont know where I stand on the whole Weskers children thinge and Alex thought that part in 5 was all silly.

    Sounds like Metal Gear’s all snakes that kept appearing solid,Liquid and Solidus and boss.

    But instead here we have the Weskers had also hoped for a fresh villian now Alex Wesker will probably be keeping being compared too his “sibling” Albert.

    A new villian entirly might have stood out more?

  • rigaT0NY

    i’m pretty sure this might take place after re5 because chris is addressed as “Captain” by one of his comrades. It would make sense following re5 considering captain dechant died and chris kind of sort of saved the world

  • DarkOmnios

    But didn’t capcom said that the game will be 10 years after re2??
    Dont this make the timeline of re6 like in September/october 2008??

  • killer89

    Liam, dont forget Alex Wesker.

  • james

    Theres one thing still bugging me about wesker’s death. He was infected with something with the power to make him into a god, a statement i doubt he’d make unless he meant it. He was blown up in lava, something i’d expect a god to survive. But that argument aside and that he really did die there, which sounds the most accurate, we have to consider that this is wesker we’re talking about. Wesker in the resident evil universe. He wouldn’t go through with this unless he had a back up plan. And in this universe people can be cloned (as seen with sergie) (i refuse to count anything in the movies as having any affect on the game universe, which is why i didn’t include alice in my proof). I feel like wesker was smart enough to clone himself before putting all his cards on the table and that if the clone doesn’t recieve a code after an extended amount of time or something, it goes active, or that the clone isn’t actually made yet, that it has all the material just waiting for something to activate it (no code after a while, a chip in weskers head registering life/death, satelite watching, etc) and that his non-existance in the new game could simply be that the clones not ready yet. Just one mans theory though

  • Grace Saunders

    Wesker’s gone for good. I didn’t want to accept it at first but you learn to move on. If Capcom brought him back, it’d be so *SWEAR WORDS ARE BAD* terrible and so unreal! But having a sibling in the picture (even if they are just coming into the picture NOW) is at least more believable to a small degree. But it’s still jumping the shark. Because they can’t use the actual Wesker again, they just settle for the next in line. It’s like a top secret warehouse exists somewhere that is full of unmanufactured Weskers. If one dies, they just get a new one shipped out in a box. That’s where the jumping the shark and scraping the barrel sentiment enters the frame.

    Then again, “jumping the shark” is synonymous with the RE series, huh? 🙂

  • Matt

    Alex Wesker was in Lost in nightmares? I thought chris was facing Albert in that DLC? I thought 6 was gonna be the first to feature him?

  • Chris Miksch


    We all know, its confirmed he’s dead, but how about he made some master plans or pulled some strings outside of Resident Evil 5 for occurances to take place. Like his involvement with Sherry. He could have trained and used her for his other secret motives.

    While he is dead, his legend and conspiracy plots live on with Sherry and others to keep pulling his strings in creating chaos.

    There should be flash backs with him and documents you read about him, that relate to events he wanted to start and people or places he want to destroy for his own purposes.

    Sort of like JIGSAW in the saw movies. He’s dead, but his work and progress continues and goes all out.

    Although, this is just my opinion.

  • rigaT0NY

    Capcom said Re5 would take place 10 years after Raccoon City initially as well and it took place in 2009, so it’s a rough estimate. A prequel would be dumb, i’m tired of re5 being the end of the rope

  • Grace Saunders

    Actually that’s wrong, Tony. RE6 is said to be set 10 years after RE2 etc, but it’s really set in 2013. Capcom want to keep it as modern day as possible. So every other game like RE4 for example was set in 2004 or 2005 and released in 2005, which is probably why Capcom made it a specific year. Do you get what I meant?

  • James

    They may try to move on from Wesker and ultimately it will have to lead back to him. He is the first villain and the only true character that had a definite personality that made the game.

    Furthermore, his story is hardly finished.

    What happened to Steve?
    You’d think he would know about Alex?
    Wesker usually plans farther ahead than anyone else, so what was his planned if Uroboros didn’t work?

    He’ll eventually return.

    • aisha derrouel

      hey james steve is dead. did you play resident evil veronica. steve turned into a monster like alexander ashford alike.

  • James

    @Grace Saunders

    It’s a video game, anything can happen. He maybe gone for now but 5 years from now when they have no story, they’ll have to re-evaluate once again especially when they get criticism which they will moving forward.

    Any villain moving forward really stands no chance to the superiority that Wesker brought. The game play has always been good for the most part, but without a story, people generally lose interest quickly and so far, RE6 and RE Revelations don’t look interesting at all.

  • James

    Someone said bring back Wesker later on severely disformed from the fight in RE5 where Uroboros consumed him but he isn’t the same. Only real way to bring him back is showing the damages done from that fight in RE5.

  • Elyssa

    Wesker was too freaking badass. Do I hope he’s alive somehow? Obviously. Do I think he should play a part in RE6 though? Not really. If he is somehow still living there’ll be a time & game for him to come back in.

  • Elyssa

    @ Chris M, I’m not sure if I think that plot will ever take place in a Resident Evil game BUT I do think it would be too freaking amazing if Sherry ended up being a bad guy in one of the games. It would just make a future RE plot that much more interesting knowing the events of RE2.

  • James


    It’s a shame that the developers of Resident Evil will probably never use Alex Wesker in a game, and Sherry Birkin as a villain.

  • Gman25

    Well I’m telling you all this…..
    Sooner or later…….. Wesker will return;/

    • aisha derrouel

      i hope so too. wesker so rocks man.

  • Wesker13

    He might not be in RE6, but hopefully in 7. It would make sense to make the gamers feel accomplished (defeating a villian like him),but bring him back. Having Chris or Leon ,or whatever character you play later on, run into Wesker and get a play by play from albert about he managed to esacpe the clutches of death?….

  • aisha derrouel

    i miss albert wesker. why did he have to die so soon. well i believe alex wesker could be like albert, not as cool but bad like albert. ashley, sherry i don’t know why they gone bad. if it’s ashley she wouldn’t let alex hurt leon, leon saved her life. and sherry leon saved her. whoa leon saved a lot of live’s and now their after him very nice. chris oh man did he get so old ageing so soon like solid snake. another bad guy for chris to hate and kill.

  • aisha derrouel

    alex is going to die quick. on less they are gonna make a re7. bloody hell.

  • Kekcross

    Straight up I have loved Albert Wesker sense I first started playing the RE Series. He is the God of all Villains in my opinion and don’t quote me on this he didn’t look bad either lmfao but anyways. I don’t believe he is dead not yet anyways and when you think about it Uroboros could have been able to protect him from Lava. Its not like it was ever stated that it couldn’t I mean we just assume a volcano is the only thing that can kill Wesker but I am not quite convinced. Wesker was all but invincible, I don’t buy that a volcano caused his end, it seems so… anti climatic in my opinion. Wesker will return maybe not in RE 6 even Maybe not RE 7 however it is my firm belief that he will return and when he does it will be all out all or now kick ass action! Why? Because Wesker is the ultimate all time villain and with him in the drivers seat its always gonna be one hell of a bumpy ass ride.

  • Nick

    well atleast we get to play as Eminem…

  • vincent chandra

    if he still alive he’s super imortal human but he have been injected at chap4 RE5 i think he alive

  • cowl phoenix

    if you played re5 to the end wesker used Uroboros to fight chris and sheva you know his arm thingy. he also had blond hair and red eye’s. if you have the demo of re6 or you watch video’s you will note that in jake’s campaign ustanak the big monster chasing jake is big has red eyes, little chunks of blond hair and a big metal arm. So i think wesker is like nemesis and they couldnt save his arm so i dont kow for sure but ill put my money on it and just say that is wesker

  • Hunk

    you saw resident evil afterlife he got blown into dust after being in the plane and still came back in resident evil Retribution there is no way in hell he is dead capcom just wants you to believe he’s dead to make you excited when he finally comes back in RE7

  • iloveRE

    awwwwww nooooo!!!~ i love wesker even though he is so evil…he was a badass …. he cant be dead…i’ve been plaing RE6 and it is no fun to NOT have wesker.. all i got is his son jake muller … –” t …i really hope they will put wesker in RE7..perhaps later…


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