Carrie-Anne Moss on her role as Claudia Wolf

Carrie-Anne Moss spoke to IFC recently on her role in Silent Hill: Revelation as antagonist Claudia Wolf. The actress tells of how she got a feel for the crazy cultist.

“It definitely was part of the conversation with the director, looking at a lot of different footage. And then ultimately this crazy wig and this crazy costume helped me go, there I was!” Moss tells IFC.

She also tells of how she was given images and video of Claudia from Silent Hill 3 rather than sitting down to play the game. “It was of what her image sort of looked like and what she felt like, and that was interesting. [But] I didn’t go in and play the game to really see, because I’m not really into that so much.” she explained.

It’s not uncommon for actors or actresses to avoid playing the game in which their character is from. It’s still slightly disappointing, though. She spent several years “jacking” into the Matrix, she could pick up the controller and play a bit of the game, right?

Still no release date for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D has been announced. Silent Hill 3 has impressive visuals, and strong characters; it will be great to see them on the silver screen even with just a fraction of their original personalities. Sure the first film didn’t follow too closely to the source material, but I enjoyed it a bit. I hope to say the same about Revelation.


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  • Smiley

    I don’t expect every actor to play a video game or read the novel which their movie is inspired from. In the real world your adaptation is going to have differences, and actors in general should have the liberty to play the role with their own personal take on it.

    This movie is going to connect to the first film so people banking on the film being faithful to “Silent Hill 3” must prepare for differences in story and characters.

    The actress is just one piece of this. She’ll need a solid script and solid direction to bring this character to life. So let’s see how the movie fares.

  • Petrol

    Yeah people’s obsession with actors playing the game is retarded.

  • Yuki

    In this case, I don’t mind that she hasn’t played the game. Claudia’s only in the cutscenes.

  • Alyssa

    She may only be in the cut-scenes but you learn so much about her throughout the game and from her father and Vincent.

  • Samuel Coronado

    i just that they still use the music of Akira Yamaoka again to help create the atmosphere and feel of the movie.


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