Review: Monster in the Closet (DVD)

“To be honest, my Trash Compactor section is all about crappy movies that are so bad they’re good and while this website normally focuses solely on the scary, this section is all about the crap – no matter what the genre (although I will try my hardest to stay as close to horror and space as I can).  I would like to precede this review with a thank you to my father for his sense of humor and raising me to love the garbage as much as the truly beautiful productions out there.  We definitely have the same sense of humor and I honestly believe that with the appreciation I have for both good and terrible films, I have a well-rounded perception and knowledge of what’s out there and what’s worth mentioning.  So, thank you dad.”

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Trash, Trash Heap, Garbage Truck, and Landfill

As a horror production studio, Troma Studios has created many oddball movies ranging from “Redneck Zombies” to the (slightly) more popular “Cannibal! The Musical” that features the creators of “South Park,” Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  Amongst the many crazy titles is one film that is revered fondly by those who enjoy these strange flicks, “Monster In the Closet.”   The movie is as campy as it is ridiculous and upon watching it now, doesn’t hold the terror it once did when watching it as a child, (go figure).


“Monster In the Closet” is about as hokey as you can get, but purposely so; from the very beginning of the film where the narrator jumps between the words ‘unexplained’ and ‘inexplicable’ like they were the only words in his vocabulary, to the hilarious monster sound effects, it is chock full of jokes and cheesy overacting.  I can thank my father for sitting me down as a child and watching these cheesy horror movies with him because although they scared the crap out of me then, I have a profound respect for them now, (and although a PG title, they snuck some nipps in!)

While the film is a parody of the horror genre, it still belongs in my trash compactor because while the film still gives fond memories, it is in fact terrible.  Deliberate or no, “Monster In the Closet” definitely racks up there as one of the crappiest movies ever, delivering one ridiculous monster that –again- gave me nightmares as a child, but is still just plain creepy when looking at him now.  With the help of a xylophone, the cast of characters figure out how to draw out the monster, but fail many times in trying to take it out.  That is of course until they figure out that the monster regains strength from closets; they then proceed to have the world destroy their closets in a frenzy to prevent the monster from living.


As he munches on his chocolate, Paul Walker ponders just how fast he must go to in-fact be furious

On an interesting note, Paul Walker had a lead role in this film – he is famous for films like “The Fast and The Furious”.

series, movies that also should be on my list, but alas they don’t fit the genre.  In a short and sweet appearance, Fergie (yes, the singer) makes an appearance as a little girl who meets an unfortunate demise.  If there is one consistent thing in all Troma’s films, it’s that they have seemingly been the springboard for a lot of well-known actors.

The premise for the film is hilarious, and you will laugh at this movie, whether it be at the jokes or the crappy production.  Enjoy this film; it’s so bad it’s good!

Unfortunately the origins of the monster are inexplicably unexplained.

Keep checking back for more Troma spectaculars!


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