The Cat Lady gets a new trailer - Rely on Horror

The Cat Lady gets a new trailer

Harvester Games‘s The Cat Lady may be beneath most people’s radar, but it really shouldn’t. Harvester’s second PC game with a similar style brings some old school scares into the modern day. Their previous game, Downfall was received pretty well and noted for its creepy atmosphere.

The Cat Lady follows the story of Susan Ashworth. Susan dies, but somehow comes back when she realizes that she’s on the road to hell. After coming back, she is put on suicide watch. This ordeal leads Susan to meeting five strangers. Only one of them want to help her, the rest have dark intentions.

The Cat Lady has a unique style that is reminiscent of a puppet show. The characters appear to be made of paper and their animations are stiff, as if being hand controlled. This is one is certainly worth watching.

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