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Silent Hill Writer Tom Waltz at Comic-Con

The guys over at FearNet have spoke with Silent Hill writer Tom Waltz this past week at San Diego Comic-Con.  You can check out the interview over at FearNet’s website, but for those that prefer to stay at RoH, we’ve got a nice chunk of the details right here.

There’s a new Silent Hill comic book series starting in October–it’ll be a 4-issue run and if you’re really into comics, you might want to head over to your local store and request it personally.  The story revolves around an 1800s outlaw named Jebediah Foster who meets a widow.  The widow (unnamed for now) has a family home in Silent Hill that has been abandoned and explains to Jebediah that she wants to move there, away from the madness of the West.  When they arrive in the little town, Jebediah is going to have to face the ghosts of his past–sounds just like the Silent Hill we love.

So why are comics so important?  Waltz reveals that the comics are starting to become canon for Silent Hill.  Characters, history, all of them will start to matter in the Silent Hill universe as a whole.  However, you won’t necessarily have to read the comic books to understand the game, but reading the comic book helps to round-out the experience, to help the player understand better.

Regarding the game itself, Waltz states that they have the story written and there has been some voice-acting work completed.  He also admits that he’s perused some fan-forums, particularly forums regarding the breakdown of the latest trailer released.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Some of that speculation is accurate, some of it is not obviously.  What I’ll say is this is going to be a great game, and it’s going back to the core spirit.  Maybe some people would point to Silent Hill 2.  It’s character driven, it’s very dramatic and I think it’s gonna rejuvenate the title.”

Silent Hill 8 is being developed by Vatra Games, and will be out sometime in 2011.

With files from FearNet

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