Silent Hill “8” Developers Chat On Facebook

This video appeared on the Silent Hill fan page on Facebook last night, featuring some footage from the game, and also some interviews with the American side of the production team for the “eighth” installment in the terrific Silent Hill series. They talk about their thoughts on the game, obviously, but also their experiences of working in the Czech Republic.

Here’s the video on Youtube in case you’re not on Facebook.

As an enormous Silent Hill fan, I found this video fascinating. They seem like a great, enthusiastic group, and I’m pleased that they’ve got at least one fellow fan in the team (Tomm Hulett) who seems very adamant that it’ll stay true to the older games, despite them trying new things with it. I just hope they haven’t changed the lay-out of the town at all.

All in all, I’m one pretty chuffed Silent Hill fan right now!

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