Resident Evil: Retribution trailer could be in theaters by Christmas

With all we’ve seen from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution, it wouldn’t be unwise to expect some sort of teaser trailer in the near future. Well, ‘near future’ could translate to December if Milla Jovovich’s recent tweet is anything to go by.

Regarding a possible time-frame for when to expect a trailer for the latest film in the successful video game-to-film series, Milla tweets:

“So we’re shooting a teaser trailer that shld b in theaters by Xmas! Im gonna shoot it now! Let’s govovich!”

Yes, Milla, let’s govovich indeed. Judging by the scenes  we’ve seen being filmed, via pics and Milla’s own videos, we should be seeing Leon, Barry, and Ada in (live) action for the first time when this trailer hits theaters. And say what you want about the films, I’m actually quite excited about Retribution.


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