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Resident Evil Might Be Teasing Upcoming Announcement

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Oh, oh that’s the good vibes right there.

So about a week ago there was some hubub¬†about the Japanese Resident Evil (BioHazard over there) Twitter account, and a recent change that they’d made to their banner image. Fans noticed that, while still advertising the recently released Resident Evils 7, Revelations, and Revelations 2, there was now a mysterious blank spot. Just an empty, black space to the far left of the image. Sure, this change might have been to ensure that the BioHazard avatar image wouldn’t be blocking any of the advertising behind it… but that’s a pretty big space. Plus, something about the way the black space fades into the RE7 image, while there’s no fade between RE7 and the other games… feels suspect.

This morning, the hype train started genuinely moving out of the station. Across the board on Western social media platforms, Resident Evil updated their “profile picture” with a new logo, and fans are loosing it.

The new logo, which is actually just Resident Evil 7‘s logo recolored to be all red (as apposed to the white/orange design that previously reveled the hidden VII in the design), is getting a lot of attention because we’ve actually already seen it before. No, not on RE7‘s box, but actually almost a year before RE7 was even announced. It’s the Resident Evil 2 Remake logo. Sure, sans the necessary digit to make this an announcement, but the change feels deliberate and exciting. Fans even went out of their way on Reddit to show that it’s 100% the same logo, and even without the extra work it’s instantly nostalgic to see the RE logo emblazoned in red, just like the old days.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, of course, was announced back in August of 2015, and fans have been waiting with bated breath ever since. Fans had hoped that we’d get to see something from it on multiple occasions (E3, TGS, PSX, etc) but all of them came and went without even so much as a fart about the upcoming remake. But this tease not only seems to confirm that we’ll be hearing something very soon, logic dictates that we may even know the exact day we’ll be seeing something. See, Resident Evil 2‘s 20th anniversary is coming up, a little over a week from now in fact, on the 21st. With this logo change and the previous blank spot, I think the forecast is becoming pretty clear.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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