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New concept art released for The Walking Dead, main character revealed

Talk about good timing. Lee Everett is a convict who is in the process of being transported to prison right around the same time the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead universe commences. Lee is able to escape the police car he was being transported in and now he’s in the middle of hell on Earth, while at the same time Rick is waking up in a hospital to be met with the same scenario in another part of Atlanta.

As opposed to the comics and the TV adaptation, Telltale’s upcoming video game based on the property won’t revolve around Rick Grimes. Instead, the aforementioned convict, Lee Everett, will be the protagonist throughout the game. Fans of the comic book will be happy to know that locales and characters from the source material will be making appearances throughout the game.

Another new character introduced to the mythos is a young girl named Clementine. Initially, Lee’s main mission was just to make sure he gets his ass out of Atlanta, but that changes after meeting Clementine. He can’t just cater to his survival exclusively anymore, he’s also going to be making sure Clementine is kept safe amid the zombie apocalypse. This adds a layer of humanity to what would otherwise be just another game in which you kill zombies. We’re promised a lot of interactions between characters that will factor largely into the game’s narrative and expand Lee’s initial mission for personal survival to that of the entire human race.

Sadly, we weren’t given any actual details on the gameplay system but we’re hoping to learn more about that soon. For now, you can check out three new pieces of concept art released for the game showing off Lee, Clementine and a nice shot of both characters. I’m personally hoping that Lee and Clementine meet up with Morgan and his son Duane. It would make for a neat dynamic between both pairs.

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