Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield not in Resident Evil 6

Over on the Resident Evil Facebook page, a lot of fans express their concern about a lot of different things.  In the case of Resident Evil 6, it’s the distinct lack of Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield.  It seems like every other major character is there in some way shape or form, so why not them?

On first blush, I’d thought that I’d seen Jill in one of the earlier trailers.  It was actually just a police officer zombie chowing down on some tasty arm.  It was a blur of colours, and I didn’t give it much thought to look through it again and painstakingly slow it down again to verify.  My bad.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of Resident Evil 6 sent a loving message to Resident Evil 6 fans from the Facebook page addressing Claire and Jill’s absence from Resident Evil 6.

We’ve heard a lot of love for Jill and Claire recently and people asking if they’ll be in the next Resident Evil.  There are many other great characters in Resident Evil 6, and we still have some very exciting character information to reveal in addition to what’s already been announced.  Until then, you can look forward to seeing how Chris, Leon, Sherry, Piers, Helene and Jake (Wesker Jr) take care of things as terror goes global.

Gee Capcom, what other exciting character revelations can there be?  You’ve already spilled the beans that the mysterious stranger was Wesker’s offspring.  I don’t think my mind can take much more of these pre-release revelations.

It’s Barry, isn’t it?

…it’s never Barry.


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