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BSAA Emblem Locations

Emblem 1: Chapter 1-2

Difficulty: 2 | Location: Urban District

On the exterior wall of a house just outside the map. It’s located on the south side of the map.  Enter the southern-most house on the map and climb up to the south-side balcony.  Face south and take a look to the left, you should see it.

Emblem 2: Chapter 1-2

Difficulty: 3 | Location: Abandoned Building

Climb up the ladder on your way into the abandoned facility.  When you climb up, do a 180 and look up.  You’ll see a water tank.  Look on the support beams of the water tank and you’ll see this emblem.

Emblem 3: Chapter 1-2

Difficulty: 4 | Location: Furnace Facility

After you’ve defeated Uroboros, use the key and unlock the door.  Follow the hallways and just past the handgun ammo supply, look through the fenced area. This emblem is hidden on a far wall.  Shoot through the fence to get it.

Emblem 4: Chapter 2-1

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Storage Facility

When you start the level, run into the clearing, away from any building materials.  Look forward and to the left—this is the easiest of all emblems to spot, right next to a helpful description of what the emblems are for.

Emblem 5: Chapter 2-1

Difficulty: 3 | Location: The Bridge

As you’re heading down the stairs and into the tunnel to fight the Adjule, look to the left.  This is found on one of the support beams on the bridge.

Emblem 6: Chapter 2-1

Difficulty: 3 | Location: The Port

This emblem is hidden inside the small booth near the market stalls.  The booth has “CHARGE” written on the front panel.  Walk up to the booth and look up inside.  Tricky!

Emblem 7: Chapter 2-1

Difficulty: 2 | Location: The Port

After you’re back onto dry land, climb the ladder.  Look to the first building on the right that has a ladder leaning up against it.  Climb the ladder and take out the Majini up here.  There should be another Majini shooting at you from another building.  Directly behind that Majini is another emblem.

Emblem 8: Chapter 2-1

Difficulty: 4 | Location: Shanty Town

Just before you help Sheva with the Assist Jump to the building adjacent to you, turn around and look up at the broken roof.  It’s pretty difficult to do this once Sheva has jumped over, but if you missed it, take out all of the Majini and search for this BEFORE you trigger the Chainsaw Majini fight.  Or, if you forget to do it again, you can always wait until the battle is completely over.

Emblem 9: Chapter 2-2

Difficulty: 3 | Location: Train Station

Once you jump up onto the train cars, take care of all of the enemies up here.  Turn and face the building where you started, and search the electricity towers.  A sniper rifle makes the shot easier, but it can also be done with a standard handgun.

Emblem 10: Chapter 2-2

Difficulty: 2 | Location: The Mines

When you cross the wooden bridge in the caves, look to the right. This emblem is located on the cave walls, right between two waterfalls.

Emblem 11: Chapter 2-2

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Mining Area

After climbing the first tall ladder, turn to face south-east. This emblem is on the wall of the building in the distance—use a rifle.

Emblem 12: Chapter 3-1

Difficulty: 3 | Location: The Marshlands

This emblem is found on a pole in the south area of the marsh. The boat passenger can hit it from close-range with a handgun in co-op. Players playing through the single player campaign can shoot it from the south docking point with a rifle.  Preferably one with an upgraded scope.

Emblem 13: Chapter 3-1

Difficulty: 1 | Location: The Marshlands – Poultry Farm

Hidden beneath the hut on the island full of chickens. Stand at the dock and shoot straight underneath the stairs.  Take this opportunity to grab some eggs while you’re here.

Emblem 14: Chapter 3-1

Difficulty: 1 | Location: The Marshlands – Fish Farm

Examine the underside of the shelter when you reach the fishery in the northwest corner of the map.

Emblem 15: Chapter 3-1

Difficulty: 2 | Location: Village

This emblem is ingeniously concealed behind broken planks underneath your start position once you reach The Village.  Drop down into the water and do a quick-180 degree turn.

Emblem 16: Chapter 3-2

Difficulty: 1 | Execution Ground

Hidden between the two Tricell tents. Go through one of the tents and investigate between the tents.

Emblem 17: Chapter 3-2

Difficulty: 4 | Location: Oil Field Dock

Once the countdown sequence begins, turn and run down the metal ramp behind your start position. Turn to the right and do a 180. Look through the window of the small building to see this emblem.

Emblem 18: Chapter 3-3

Difficulty: 3 | Location: Oil Field Drilling Facilities

Positioned beneath the third bridge you pass under just before reaching the first docking point.  If you miss it the first time around, don’t fret.  Stay on the boat after it stops at the closed gate, turn around and shoot it with a sniper rifle.

Emblem 19: Chapter 4-1

Difficulty: 2 | Location: Caves

At the beginning of the level, after the quick fight with Bui Kichwa, climb the ladder leading up to the stone bridge.  Examine the small waterfall to the right, and look down.

Emblem 20: Chapter 4-1

Difficulty: 2 | Location: Ancient Village

In plain view above the gate, just before the exit at the north end of the map.  You can obtain this right when you start this map by using a sniper scope and looking at the far end of the map, or you can wait until you fall into the sarcophagus trap.  Once you’ve cleared the area and the gate has opened, take out the Majini on the ground with a sniper.  While you’re here, it’s easier to take the emblem out here.  Just look on the wall opposite you.  You can’t reach it once you jump down though.

Emblem 21: Chapter 4-1

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Labyrinth

Found high on the west wall. This emblem can be shot from numerous locations with a sniper rifle.

Emblem 22: Chapter 4-2

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Pyramid

On the second level of the Pyramid Light puzzle, run into the north room.  Turn around and look just above the door.

Emblem 23: Chapter 5-1

Difficulty: 2 | Location: Underground Garden

Move over to the northeast corner of the map, then look underneath the small bridge

Emblem 24: Chapter 5-2

Difficulty: 3 | Location: Missile Area, 1st Floor

Inside a dumpster close to the conveyor belt that you travel over to reach the exit.  The easiest way to get this is to walk right up to the dumpster and shoot down at it.  Other methods include tossing a grenade inside–to each their own.

Emblem 25: Chapter 5-3

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Uroboros Research Facility

Found at the very start of the chapter after the boss battle. After going through the first door, look at the big fan to your right.  This emblem is located right behind the fan.

Emblem 26: Chapter 5-3

Difficulty: 3 | Location: Moving Platform

Stand on the east side of the platform before you set it in motion. Look up to see this emblem through the floor grating of a control booth.  It’s easier to obtain this before the conveyor belt is set in motion, but not impossible to get it after you’ve started it.  Just keep your sniper rifle focused behind the platforms.  Also, it’s much easier to shoot at it from under the platform than it is above the platform–since you don’t have Majini shooting at you.

Emblem 27: Chapter 5-3

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Monarch Room Entrance

Hidden inside the shaft beneath the elevator.  Run up behind the elevator and look down into the empty shaft.

Emblem 28: Chapter 6-1

Difficulty: 4 | Location: Ship Deck

Positioned on a distant radar tower at the south end of the ship.  It’s possible to shoot this down while on top of the shipping container before the exit, but the best way to get it down is right at the beginning of the level.  Using the HMK PSG1, stand on top of the first radar tower and point your scope towards the opposite end of the map.  It’s near impossible to obtain this here unless you have a fully upgraded scope.

Emblem 29: Chapter 6-1

Difficulty: 5 | Location: Ship Deck

Inside the open shipping container, just left of the cargo elevator that falls, creating a trap for one of the players.  You don’t actually see this emblem, in-game, but during a cut-scene you get a shot of it as the shipping container opens and Majini come out.  After you’ve defeated the Majini in this area, lug a grenade into the shipping container.  It’s the only way to get this one.

Emblem 30: Chapter 6-1

Difficulty: 1 | Location: Ship Hold

This emblem is located in the room that you arrive in after the first cut-scene. It’s hidden inside a cupboard with a glass door on the north wall.

On an electricity pylon behind the building where you start. A sniper rifle is useful, though not essential.

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