Resident Evil: Unlimited – The Keeper’s Lament

Stay tuned! Another Resident Evil: Unlimited is heading your way next Thursday!

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  • YAY! More RE:Unlimited! 😀 Great Job Rourke! ^3^

  • Yes! Thank you so much Rourke!!!! I wrote u a few months ago telling u how much this comic series means to me that u are doing. I know its a long undertaking but I truly hope and pray you will do all the games so I can finally have a real,…amazing…..perfect Resident Evil comic book….U should do some of the other obscure stories too that tie in, like resident evil 0 and the umbrella chronicles or the other chronicles game i cant remember the name lol. Thank u again bud and keep them coming! U have no idea how pumped I am.

    • ^_^ Yes, I did get your message, and I’ve been working diligently. I hope you like what I do with this series, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do 🙂 And I do plan to incorporate Zero, CVX and Outbreak into the story. Thanks again, and you have a lot to look forward to if you like this comic!


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