Resident Evil: Unlimited, new format, more nasty!

Hi there, everyone! Sorry it’s been so freaking long since the last update for this comic, but here it is! The newest edition of REU! Now, you may notice this is only a single page as apposed to the normal 5 pages. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to get these comics… “up and running” as it where. So, in order to get these comics to you guys more frequently, I’m now gonna start posting them a page at a time, rather than 5 every two weeks. Depending on the content of each page, it will be easier than trying to race the clock to meet a deadline of 5 every two weeks.

But enough of that! Here we go, friends and true believers!


  • Daniel Maupin

    Finally it’s back! Been eagerly waiting for it’s return.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Too short :(

  • StuntmanSnake

    Amazing work, Rourke!

  • Iceweb38

    hold it! where’s the chapter 4?

  • Elyssa

    Great artwork Rourke! The zombies look especially nice. Glad to see it back again!

  • SecretX

    lol i’ve been reading nothing but manga and i read it the wrong way.

  • Ross Ingram

    Reading this right after a manga chapter made me read it right-left. Very weird. Keep up the good work :)