Horror Bytes begins! “A Wonderful Blend”

The day has finally come! That thing CJ and I have been talking about on the podcast is finally here! Horror Bytes, an all-new comic series that’ll run adjacent to Resident Evil: Unlimited.

Written by C.J. Melendez and drawn by me, we’ll be bringing you horror-themed comedy in the form of Horror Byte “issue”. Starring not only the members of the Rely on Horror team (C.J., Jorge, me, and others), but also members of the Whispers in the Dark podcast (Whitney, Zev), as well as some of your favorite horror and non-horror pop culture characters- from video games, movies and books!

Well, enough talk, here’s our first strip “A Wonderful Blend”! Special thanks to Whitney for the logo!


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  • My coffee says that every morning 🙁

  • InvestiGator

    Now I have the DP Whiste Theme stuck in my head again, haha

    Great way to start this series, can’t wait to see more! 😀

  • Poor Whitney :p

    • That’s not really me! My eyes aren’t brown 😉

      • Sorry, been getting coffee and hugs from CJ and Rourke ….So I have to believe them. Unless you wanna make a “better offer”XD

        • aw 🙁 I can give hugs

          • Okay … I can see it now… You’re eyes aren’t brown <—- this guy is easily persuaded XD

  • Off to a great start. Looking forward to more of this comic strip 🙂


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