Bye for now

I have an announcement to make. It’s something that isn’t exactly easy to announce, because you all know how much I love this site and how much I love and appreciate all of you. But it’s something that I have to do.

I’ll be taking some time off from the site.

I’m not stepping down from my position, or leaving the site entirely, but I will be taking some time off. How long? I can’t really say, could be only a month, could be more, but you’ll know I’m back once you see a new reHorror article. Next week my Devil May Cry HD Collection review will be published (I had to force myself through DMC 2), and that’ll be the last post you’ll see from me for a while.

I won’t be a total stranger, though. And you all know you’re more than welcome to email me or contact and add me on Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter.

I hope you all will continue to visit us regularly and enjoy our content. I’m sure this team of talented writers will continue to put out engaging articles during my temporary absence.

Take good care of yourselves.

— Jorge


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  • You will be missed! Enjoy your time off. You deserve it! 🙂

  • Yoohoo

    mah nigga J


  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    See ya in a while Jorge!

  • Rayek11

    I hope this has nothing to do with RE articles?

    Anyway, i love this site and the people who make it work. It’s a great TEAM!

    See ya soon back, Jorge.

  • Ali

    See you around mate, i haven’t known you for long but its been a pleasure!


  • Jazpyy

    Dont be gone too long, the Resident Evil 6 train is leaving the station, and its heading right for us.

  • HunterBeta

    Your site is awesome, we really need it, hope you’ll come back soon, take care.
    From a Biohazardfrance member.

  • Sas_the_virtuous

    Jorge, this piece of news is totally unacceptable *snaps like Alfred Ashford*. See you the sooner the better!

  • Oh no you don’t. *Sends Nemesis after you*

  • DYCL

    Hey Jorge,

    Sad to see you go. Hope all is well and that your leave will be temporary.

    How about at least appearing on the next Whispers podcast before you go? I’m sure there’s a ton of new RE6 discussion you’d like to join in on given the new info and 2nd trailer we got last week.

  • StuntmanSnake


    Alright. Hope to have you back soon, Jorge! This site needs more hardcore RE writers!

  • Twilit_Fox

    Hey Jorge… don’t you stay away for long! It was because of your RE articles that I started following this site. So, be back soon, RE6 is coming, and it’s gonna be EPIC!
    C ya!

    • windice

      haha me too

  • Whitevice

    Best of luck.

  • Venom2501

    Wishing you a hasty return…

  • Sadfas

    You’re living at the other side of the mirror! D:
    *points at the background*

    Hope to see you back in the future.

  • thatresidentevilfan

    cool story bro


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